Advice & Adventures v SCRAM bracelets, residence ARREST, & PRISON! This is a blog dedicated to discovering your strength when all you view is struggle.

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I"ve been in hiding lately, but not toworry I"m still here. My family has come to spend several of their summer vacation with me. They"ve taken up a bulk of mine time, yet I"m not complaining. Some agency is nice for a change. It makes home arrest a lot an ext interesting v a little bit of company. I should write much more frequently, everyday is also much, yet I thinkweekly is too little. What perform you males think? Anyways, ns haveyet to inform you the mostexciting part of residence arrest. I like to call it "plugging in". For 2 hours daily you have to plug your ankle monitor into the wall to charge. A long cord is hooked to mine ankle, and it makes me feel favor I"m some type of robot. That is really important to save a complete battery at all times,they ask friend to fee every day, in ~ the exact same time. If her battery dies, castle cannot find you, and also you"re in trouble. By they, I mean the home arrest people.They carry out not favor to contact you and you do not favor to hear from them, so simply keep your gadgets charged!In the beginning, I thought this to be wonderful. For two whole hours I was able to kick earlier and relax. I thought it was a good opportunity to record up on some Netflix or paint my nails. As if i couldn"t perform those throughout the rest of my cost-free time... Now, this is my the very least favorite part of the day. Factor being, my cord hasa mental of that own and also does what it pleases, and by the I typical doesn"t charge. The other day, I had a marathon of The Kardashians playing, popcorn bowlin hand, and also my maker plugged in. Ns must have actually been on the couch because that a an excellent 3 1/2 hours. Ns know, pathetic! But, I"m on residence arrest, so reduced me some slack! approximately 12:15 to be I obtain a speak to from the house arrest office. At any time I watch "House Arrest Office" or "Officer Jackie" calling i get really uneasy. A million think run v my mind, and I often answer the phone in a panic. She referred to as to call me the my device was no charged and also I essential to plug it in ASAP. I defined that it had actually been plugged in because that well over two hours, but she insisted I save it plugged in. Sheadvised me to dip a Q-tip right into nail polishing remover or medicinal alcohol and also clean the end the area the gets plugged in. I use the alcohol pointer whenever the device is gift stubborn, works choose a charm! as soon as you plug the cord into station on your anklet, it blinks red then orange,and eventually it stays red. When the an equipment is completely charged the will revolve green. Supposedly something is wrong v mine, because it needs to be twisted simply the right means in order to organize a fee (red light).Even the smallest motion from my foot can pull the cord and I have to fidget through it every overagain.This is no the an initial time I"ve to be called about low battery, and also I"m certain it will not be the last. It"s dreadful to understand at any kind of time your butt deserve to be dragged back to jail, also for miscellaneous aslittle as a dead battery. In other news, I cut myself shaving again! Shaving v an fish eye bracelet isjust as daunting as it sounds. In my pictures above you view a scar, and a new cut. I give thanks to my anklet for that, the cursed thing just gets in the way. Heads up, take your time shaving, these cuts are beginning to geta bit ridiculous.

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I really require to begin taking my own advice as soon as ina while. Sincerely,Allison