“You don’t forget the face of the person who was your last hope.” - Suzanne Collins, The Hunger gamings

1. Why is Effie Trinket still with Peeta and Katniss?

-She will certainly be overseeing Katniss and Peeta in the arena. The is a an excellent thing due to the fact that she can bring them to places they don’t know.

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2. Exactly how does Katniss feel about Effie’s description about the “barbarism of her district” (p. 74)?

-She thinks the Katniss and Peeta effectively struggled the barbarism of your district with their pressure. An initial of every Katniss thinks that it’s no okay to talk around barbarism of district 12, due to the fact that what is she basing on? And likewise she thinks that her instance with the pressure and also the peal doesn’t make feeling at all, but she thinks she method well v them.

3. Explain Katniss’s quarters.

-The quarters is means larger and also luxury 보다 her house ago home. She thinks it has method to much different things to shot but she’ll never have actually time to. As an example the bathroom provides a many of different body assets in different smells, there is a mat wherein you simply stand on and it blow-dries your hair and also body, the closet has different selections for clothes and there is likewise a food selection card where you pick food from and it’ll bring it to you in less than a minute.

4. What is an Avox? What penalty is levied top top them?

-An Avox is a human who committed crime, a traitor. They reduced their tongues and also their offered as slaves.

5. What does Haymitch think of Peeta and also Katniss hold hands?

-He think it was a good thing, it’s favor rebellion since they present each various other as friends and this makes it much more interesting the audience loves them, since it’s different, it’s not what every various other district is doing.

6. Exactly how is Katniss in Peeta’s blame again?

-He aided her out of a situation. She observed an Avox and also said she to know her but that would certainly be her own betray due to the fact that Avox’s are people who space traitors for the capitol, for this reason she would be one Avox too. Peeta assisted her out of this case by saying the the Avox looks similar to a person from their school.

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7. Exactly how did Katniss know the Avox? Compare and contrast the occurrence with the red head girl with the Hunger Games?

-She to know the Avox, because one time she hunted out in the woods if she witnessed two human being hiding in the woods. She observed Katniss and also Gale and also scremed for assist but neither of one assisted her. Climate an hovercraft came by and killed the human being she to be with. Katniss was hiding under a shelf the rock.