An audience member has actually filed a negligence lawsuit versus David Copperfield, saying the he was injured after taking part in a trick.PHOTO: AFP

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Magician David Copperfield, 61, was required to expose the secret of his signature "Lucky #13" vanishing trick in court, after ~ a negligence lawsuit to be filed against him by an audience member.

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British chief Gavin Cox, 58, was among the 13 random civilization chosen from the audience to participate in the illusion at a show at the MGM Grand las Vegas ~ above Nov 12, 2013.

Cox claimed in his lawsuit the he to be injured throughout the act, after he gained onto the stage and "disappeared" behind a gigantic curtain.

He declared that he was made to walk through hidden passageways the were filled through dust and also debris, prior to he emerged at the back of the theatre.

The lawsuit compelled the Copperfield to reveal the mechanics the the trick, i m sorry he has actually performed for at least a decade.

Here is a look at at 5 of Copperfield"s greatest tricks.

Among Copperfield"s best-known tricks is making the Statue that Liberty in brand-new York City disappear in prior of a live television audience in 1983.

To pull off the trick, he elevated a huge sheet to hide the statue, before lowering that to disclose that it has actually vanished.

A helicopter camera crew even passes with the room to present that the is truly empty. The then renders Lady Liberty reappear.

Copperfield apparently said the the illusion was intended to emphasise the prominence of freedom and also "how priceless liberty is and how conveniently it can be lost".

2. Walking v the good Wall the China

Even the look at impenetrable good Wall that China would not gain in the way of Copperfield"s illusion.

In a 1986 tv special, he shows up to walk with the an excellent Wall and also emerges on the other side a few minutes later.

Audience members sitting on each side and above the wall keep your eyes on a lighted box showing only Copperfield"s silhouette, as he progressively disappears.

A device monitoring his heartbeat supposedly becomes flat, prior to he reappears native the other side the the wall unharmed.

3. Paris in the air
David Copperfield - flying (Levitation)

Copperfield made his childhood dream come true when he first "flew" above a phase in a live show in 1992.

In one interview, he mutual that together an just child, he often felt lonely and also dreamt the soaring through the air favor a bird.

He begins the action by holding a bird in his hand before letting that fly. He then moves his hands gracefully in the air, prior to he watch floats himself.

Copperfield is even shown "flying" through numerous rotating hoops.

4. Escaping indigenous Alcatraz
David Copperfield - Escape from Alcatraz

Wearing a straitjacket and standing behind jail bars, Copperfield perform a series of action in an remarkable escape indigenous Alcatraz prison in 1987.

With simply 2½ minutes before a bomb is detonated, he frees himself from a cell in the former maximum security prison, passes with the prison cell door, prior to he choose a lock using 3 coins that have been turned into a tool.

In the 10 minute-long act, he also conjures a cat indigenous a crate to distract 2 prison safety dogs and also emerges a cost-free man, before escaping in a helicopter pull in a police uniform.

5. Levitating over the cool Canyon

As Welsh singer Bonnie Taylor belts her hit track Holding out For A Hero, Copperfield is shown in his 1984 stunt gaining into a seated position, prior to he levitates in the air and also passes v a structure with hoops.

He then flies with the grand Canyon for number of minutes, as the wind rustles in his hair, prior to safely landing back where the started.

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