Bishop David L. Ellis a aboriginal of Chicago was endowed at bear October 4, 1935, with a significant Christian heritage. His parents, the late Elder Charles H. And Florence Lucille Ellis, to be the establishing pastor of Chicago’s Indiana path Pentecostal Church of God, developed in 1934.

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Bishop David Ellis the eleventh child of your union was born October 4, 1935, and also was to mature in an atmosphere of nearby knit household harmony with deep admiration and respect because that his parents. He observed his father’s relentless pursuits in developing the Indiana path church and shepherdizing it v the post depression year of the 30’s, the stormy war year of the 40’s and also the article war era. That marveled in ~ his mother’s capability to manage the care and comfort of she home and family and also at the very same time share her husband’s battle in building his church. He learned few of his most an important life class from these saintly parents, lessons that served him fine in the years ahead when he began his pastorate.

Following elementary school and an additional education in Chicago, he studied at the Moody bible institute in Chicago. He was filled through the divine Ghost on January 26, 1948. He taught his initial sermon in ~ Indiana avenues Pentecostal Church in June, 1953. Native his marriage on September 9, 1954 come Wilma Ruth Bardwell, there are 4 daughters and three sons. Two of his sons are ministers. Elected as pastor of new Bethel temple (now recognized as higher Grace holy place of the Apostolic Faith) in May, 1962, he ultimately moved to Detroit, Michigan come assume full-time pastoral obligations. As its background relates, better Grace Temple’s remarkable development is unequaled in today’s history of black apostolic churches.

Bishop Ellis was honored in 1975 v his doctor of big Degree; in 1977 through a doctor of humanities Degree and in 1982 he was ordained together Bishop that the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Diocesan the the 30th Episcopal district of the Georgia State Council. He likewise served as the Assistant Presiding Bishop of the Pentecostal Assemblies the the World.

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Bishop Ellis’ life have the right to be synthetic up in his design template song, “Down v the years…GOD’s been an excellent to me.” On in march 19, 1996 Bishop David L. Ellis went residence to his eternal reward.