Separate sand, salt and also iron filings v a magnet, warm water and also a filter. Usage the magnet to remove the stole filings, dissolve the salt in warmth water and filter the end the sand.

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Gather her materialsGather the sand, salt and iron submit mixture; a magnet; a record towel; a cup of heat water; an empty cup; and also a piece of filter paper.

Use the magnet to eliminate the iron

Spread the sand, salt and also iron mixture on a level surface. Wrap the magnet in the record towel. Usage the magnet to remove the iron by pulling it throughout the surface ar of the mixture. The filings stick come the magnet if the sand and also salt space left behind. Remove the document towel native the magnet to collect the filings.

Use warm water to dissolve the salt

Put the staying salt and also sand mixture right into the glass of warm water, and also stir till all the salt has actually dissolved.

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Remove the sand indigenous the salt water

Hold the filter record over the north cup. Pour the saltwater and sand mixture v the filter and into the empty cup. The sand is captured in the filter, when the salt stays in equipment in the heat water.

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