Check the end this couple’s small-space design ideas utilizing office supplies, paint and also vintage find in your L.A. Apartment

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Apartment in ~ a GlanceWho stays here: Marni Epstein-Mervis and Laine Mervis and their corgi, Fitz Location: Highland Park community of Los AngelesSize: 570 square feet (53 square meters); one bedroom, one bathroomYear built: 1949Marni Epstein-Mervis and Laine Mervis have actually used the border of life in a 570-square-foot rental as an possibility to continually reinvent your decor and also storage solutions. “The square footage have the right to be a challenge, however it’s additionally made us really an imaginative about how we live and also what we put in our home,” claims Marni, a contributor and owner that Struktr Studios. “Because that so little and I acquire inspired to typically rework mine surroundings, ours home has actually seen a the majority of iterations. Even an ext so as soon as I use our home as my picture studio and also move points in and out because that a shoot,” she adds. Marni do the storage bench under the home window using 2 crates to offer as the legs. “I custom-cut a piece of lumber and applied a faux marble vinyl come it,” she says.
“Our life room has existed in every furniture configuration possible — conserve for the furniture gift on the ceiling,” Marni says. “Laine always jokes that every time the takes Fitz out for a walk or go to get the mail that he comes house to a fully new house. Frankly, it’s sort of true.”VW van poster, hula girl poster and also Air Afrique poster: Lantern Press
“It’s been an excellent having out space. Whether it’s the backyard or ours front stoop, we love sitting out with a glass that wine approximately sunset and also just watching the community go by,” states Marni, pictured with Laine and their corgi, Fitz.The couple share a car and love that they space within walking street to a subway stop.
Marni explains the couple’s format as a blend of Laine’s choices for minimalism and white furniture through her love because that eclectic, boho and industrial pieces. “We’ve paired a animal leather chesterfield sofa, which brings that kind of old-world, industrial vibe i love, through a fresh white coffee table, which has that look at Laine loves,” she says. Marni painted the lower half of the living room wall in a deep navy (Singing the Blues through Dunn-Edwards Paints).The paint is a Craigslist find.How to get a Half-Painted wall Right | browse cream-colored throws
“I love the exposed beam in the kitchen and that the finishes in the home are for this reason classic,” Marni says. “Give me a great subway brick kitchen or penny brick bathroom any day.”When the couple first moved in, they had actually an office nook and then a small dining table in the kitchen corner. They relocated the table outside and also now use the space for added kitchen storage. Presented in a practice round walnut structure is a ketubah (Hebrew for a Jewish marital relationship contract). The pair ordered their custom ketubah and also frame native Etsy. “The structure has the minimalist, midcentury feel to it,” Marni says.
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The vintage media console is from neighborhood shop Hutch.
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Laine is originally from Cape Town, south Africa. These three African dolls were souvenir presents from a girlfriend who saw there a couple of years ago.
Hanging in the kitchen are some of Marni’s original photos. In the peak left is a tiny print of a green door in the Bo-Kaap neighborhood of Cape Town tackled the couple’s recent trip to southern Africa. Come the ideal is a picture of Dodger stadion taken in the afternoon. “I love baseball, and also Laine and also I offered to go to gamings from our previous apartment,” Marni says.The photo of the highlight cobalt blue door to be taken throughout a trip to Rouen, France; the photograph of the yellow midcentury door was taken in Palm Springs, California. The bottom right print is of, in Marni’s words, “colorful coast huts which line the sand in ~ Muizenberg coast in Cape town — when a favorite hangout that Laine’s then-teenaged parents.”The pair added open shelves to boost the warehouse in your kitchen.
Since the couple’s apartment is small, it made fitting your clothes, towels and also sheets into the little closets a challenge. “The room under the home window in the bedroom, in between the closets, has actually had plenty of iterations. It’s been a home window seat, one office nook, and also currently it is much more storage room after careful measurements and also an exhaustive find for pieces v that spot’s unique dimensions,” Marni says. Laine sculpted the wooden sticks the lean in the edge of the room.
Opposite the bed is a screen of vintage tennis rackets. One set belonged come Laine’s parents, and the various other to Marni’s parents.

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On their recent expedition to southern Africa, the couple brought earlier a timeless Kuba towel made the woven palm sheet fibers. “I had actually been trying to find a ‘headboard’ which to be light and wouldn’t come crashing down on our top in the occasion of an earthquake,” Marni says. Since the textile is quite fragile, they chose to skip the frame and also hang it through binder clips instead.The pair display their tiny collection that hats utilizing clothespins. Marni explains it as “a kind of fun and also functional item of art. Laine had the idea to hang them with the clothespins. It’s something friends constantly comment on,” she adds.
“Our backyard an are is one of our favorite features. We love having a an are that works for both us and also our Fitz — the young loves suntanning,” Marni says. Since of space constraints, the pair moved their dining table exterior to develop an alfresco dining room. “I love the all the chairs we have actually for it space a hodgepodge of hand-me-downs or Goodwill finds.”
“It’s so nice to host dinner parties exterior at the table anytime the weather’s nice,” Marni says. “And when it gets cooler — just a tiny — come sit approximately the fire through friends and enjoy a hot toddy.”Find fire pits in the ShopMy is a series in which we visit and photograph creative, personality-filled homes and also the human being who inhabit them. Re-publishing your residence with us and also see much more projects.More home tours:
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