If you desire to ask someone what they are doing in Italian, you deserve to pose the inquiry in the adhering to manner:

Che cosa stai facendo?

What room you doing?

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is the gerund tense, or in other words, the equivalent of the English -ing.In this instance the gerund is developed by combine the verb stare (to it is in / stay) in its conjugated form (so in this case stai = you are) and a verb stem (in this situation the verb fare = to do) finishing in -endo or -ando. Due to the fact that fare is irregular, that is stem is fac- rather than far-.

Che cosa stanno facendo i vicini di casa? = What are the neighbors doing?

Curiously, in unshened Italian, the is possible to drop either che or cosa without an altering the an interpretation of the sentence. In the north, they tend to save cosa and also leave out che whereas in the south, the contrary is true.

Che stai facendo?

What room you doing?

Cosa stai facendo?

What are you doing?

Of course, girlfriend can additionally pose this question by using the existing tense rather than the gerund. In English, this would sound very strange, as we only ever before use What do you do? come inquire around a person’s behavior or everyday routine, but in Italian, it is perfectly organic – perhaps even much more natural than the gerund form. The existing tense version of this question is together follows:

Che cosa fai?(Che fai? Cosa fai?)

What room you doing?

Che cosa stai facendo?What space you doing?

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The difference between ‘Che cosa stai facendo?’ and ‘Che cosa fai?’

There is a ethereal difference in between Che cosa stai facendo? and also Che cosa fai? also though they both translate as What are you doing?

The latter has a much more comprehensive meaning. It have the right to be supplied to inquire about (1) a person’s tasks at that very point in time, (2) their plans because that a set period of time (e.g. A job or week), or (3) what they perform out of habit or as a routine. Because that example:

Che cosa fai ora? = What space you act now? Che cosa fai di bello oggi? = What (nice things) space you doing today? Che cosa fai di lavoro? = What do you perform for a living?

Che cosa stai facendo?, top top the various other hand, can only be supplied to inquire about an task that the person is transporting out in that particular moment.

Che cosa stai facendo ora? = What are you doing now (in this specific moment)?Che cosa stai facendo con quel martello?! Mettilo giù subito! = What room you doing v that hammer?! Put it down now!
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