Got a few wine openers in her kitchen however no idea exactly how to use them? Let us teach you how to use a alcohol opener.

At Wine turtle we’ve tried many varieties and are below to offer you the failure of every one – from how to usage each kind of alcohol opener, which space worth purchasing, and things you need to know. Even if it is you want to usage an electrical corkscrew or wine crucial we’ll provide you everything you need to know, including tips, tricks and also a video clip to show you exactly how it’s done. Just choose the wine opener you"re feather to usage below...

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Rabbit format Wine Openers

At Wine tortoise we like rabbit style wine openers. With their sturdy design, beautiful presentation, and also ease the use, they space the easiest wine openers to use. Yes, even simpler than electric openers (we’ll acquire to that later).

How to usage a rabbit Wine Opener

Rabbit layout wine openers consist of a clamp that goes approximately the bottle and a lever that controls the worm or spiral. To use a rabbit format wine opener monitor three basic steps:

Position the bar so that the worm is up and clamp the handles roughly the neck that the bottle.Move the bar up, the worm will penetrate the cork, and then down, the cork will certainly be extractedClamp the cork (which is impaled top top the worm) and also move the lever up and also down again to eliminate the cork from the worm

It’s that easy! and it functions every time. The worms, or spirals, are usually coated v Teflon or another non pole material and also a an excellent wine opener will certainly come through a instead of spiral for as soon as it beginning to it is in more daunting to use. Many come through a foil cutter, or have actually one constructed into the clamps.

Rabbit wine openers room a little more expensive yet as the speak goes, you gain what you pay for, and also you acquire quick, basic extraction every time. Through the added foil cutter and worm, you’re basically getting two openers because that the price of one and they are frequently packaged beautifully so they make a quite gift or look good on your bar.

Make sure to completely extend the lever enabling it to reset. Otherwise girlfriend will end up advertise the cork down right into the bottle (and finishing up with a alcohol stain on your kitchen ceiling)Pay fist to the ease v which the worm inserts right into the cork. If that starts come get an extremely difficult, change the worm!Always read the directions the comes v your an equipment – each will have brand and also model particular tips and tricks!

Our RecommendationBrookStone alcohol Opener

(4.9 out of 5.0)


Wine an essential or Waiter’s Friend format Wine Openers

The wine crucial or waiter’s Friend format wine opener is frequently seen in the industry. From bars and restaurants to tasting rooms in ~ vineyards, this is the device most frequently used by staff. And also while it’s not the easiest to learn just how to use, as soon as you deserve to use that it add to a particular panache to your wine-opening routine.

How to usage a Wine vital or Waiter"s Friend style Wine Opener

These openers have two parts, a spiral and a boots lever. Most have an enclosed blade, one of two people serrated or smooth, because that cutting the foil. If they don’t you can use a silver paper cutter or the pointer of the spiral, although we don’t introduce that. First, utilizing the pointer of the spiral seldom cuts cleanly and second, that dulls the tip. However in a pinch, go ahead. To use a waiter’s friend format wine opener:

Twist the spiral into the cork six and a fifty percent times – this should leave only one curly showing.Engage the top lever to start extraction and also then the bottom to complete extraction. You can use a twisting or rocking activity to eliminate the cork if the bottom is quiet in after making use of the levers.Twist the cork off the waiter’s crucial and enjoy.

Some waiter’s girlfriend wine openers have actually a longer spiral to assist with extra long corks. Others only require 5 turns – be certain to check out the instructions!

Tips for opened Wine making use of a Waiter’s friend or Wine crucial Wine Opener
Practice makes perfect – this is a tricky method. You might not get it ~ above the very first try but with a small practice you’ll eventually look favor a sommelier as soon as opening bottle after bottle.Be certain to insert the tip of the spiral slightly turn off center. Imagine the circumference of the curls are a straw and center it that means – if you center the pointer you’ll have actually trouble top top extraction.Always completely fold in the knife prior to inserting the corkscrew to stop injury to your hand. Some waiter’s friend come through a knife that automatically folds in when the lever and worm space folded out.Be sure to check out the enclosure to learn how plenty of twists her wine opener requires.

Our RecommendationMonopol two Prong Cork Puller

(4.7 out of 5.0)


Traditional or Winged Corkscrew

If you favor the look of a traditional corkscrew or don’t desire to invest in a different tool best now, we’ve obtained you covered. These room not challenging to use or a poor wine opener come have, yet there are absolutely easier choices out there.

How to usage a Winged Corkscrew

These corkscrews have a lengthy spiral, two levers, and also a ring that fits atop the bottle. To use a winged corkscrew to open up wine:

After cutting the silver paper (new execution will have one best at the bottom) place the round opening whereby the bottom that the worm is over the cork. The levers will certainly be in the under position.Turn the manage until the levers come all the way up. Push down and also they will remove the cork. Twisted the cork off of the spiral.

It’s great to know how to use these corkscrews since you will uncover them everywhere.

Tips for making use of a Winged Corkscrew
If the cork appears to move right into the bottle rather of enabling the spiral to pass through it, the time because that a new wine opener.

Our RecommendationPrecision Kitchenware Corkscrew

(4.5 out of 5.0)


Travel Corkscrew

When you’re on the go sometimes you have to make do with what friend have. And, sometimes you don’t desire to bring your an excellent corkscrew top top the go. The tiny invest in a travel corkscrew will pay huge returns.

How to usage a travel Corkscrew

These corkscrews have actually two parts – a sheath extending the spiral (doubles as a handle), and the spiral itself. When not in use, the is about the size and also width that a highlighting mite or much shorter Sharpie. To use a take trip wine opener:

Remove the sheath and also put it with the hole at the optimal of the spiral. One end is much more narrow – don’t force it or you risk acquiring it stuck.Twist the spiral all the method into the cork.Place the bottle between your knees and pull the cork out slowly and also evenly.Pull the sheath out of the hole and also cover increase the spiral again.

These corkscrews have the right to be purchased for as little as a dollar in gift shops, wine and also liquor stores, and also online.

Tips for using a take trip Corkscrew
These will certainly last a while, especially if girlfriend take care to traction the cork out right – a vertical pull puts the least stress ~ above the cork, bottle and also opener. However if you an alert the spiral getting loose or the plastic cracking, that time to think about buying a backup.Always remember that the spiral’s tip need to not be specifically centered before insertion – imagine the spiral is a straw and also use the to center it.

Our RecommendationPocked alcohol Corkscrew

(5.0 the end of 5.0)


The electric Wine Opener

Electric alcohol openers are easily accessible in a selection of layouts – indigenous corded to rechargeable – and also quality levels. They take up a an excellent deal the room however depending on the style can look really sleek and also even complement the decor the a more modern kitchen. They are terrific for those with limited strength in their hands or arthritis.

The Basics of utilizing an electrical Wine Opener

Electric wine Openers automate the procedure of alcohol cork removal making use of their pipe shape and hidden spiral. They need a tiny bit of work yet are generally pretty easy as soon as you can discover a an excellent one. To use an electric wine opener:

Cut the foil and also then location the open finish of the tube-shaped maker over the top of the bottle. Press down firmly while grasping the bottle through your other hand. Do sure every little thing is straight.Press the button and also do not permit either the device or the party to turn – you’ll end up v a gnarled cork in a closed party of wine.Remove the cork.

One of the gripes we have with electrical wine openers is that countless do not clearly advertise even if it is they job-related on man-made corks, or if they need pulling/pushing/twisting top top the user’s end.

Tips for utilizing An electrical Wine Opener
Be sure to read everything about, specifically the reviews of, any electric alcohol openers you considering. You have to buy one that works on cork, fabricated cork and extra long corks, has one switch for insertion that transfers come extraction, and also that has actually a mechanism for extract the cork indigenous the spiral.Keep whatever lined increase to avoid mishaps.Hold both the opener and the party firmly come make certain that the cork is penetrated and also extracted with out problem.

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Our Recommendation

Oster"s electric Opener

(4.3 the end of 5.0)


Now the you know exactly how to usage a wine opener, the many important part of picking a wine opener is picking one you comfortable using and that provides consistent results. Just bookmark this web page for as soon as you’re all set to learn just how to include another to your arsenal!

What opener is your go to? do you use an ext than one?

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