It"s time for an additional wash job recap! for this wash day, I"m 11 weeks short article my critical relaxer touch increase so my new growth is make its presence known.I"ve to be participating in a30 days of hot Oil treatments Challengeand this is my last wash day throughout the challenge. My to wash day critical week didn"t go so fine so I had to change some things up in the hopes my results this week will be much better than critical week.

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(This write-up includes affiliate links. Need to you click one affiliate link and make a acquisition I may receive a tiny commission in ~ no extra price to you. Say thanks to you!)I began with a 24+ hour deep condition using the Eden BodyWorks Jojoba Deep Conditioner. The products I supplied last to wash day dried out my tranquil hair and I couldn"t save my hair moisturized. By doing this long deep condition I to be able to have actually moisturized hair because that a pair of days.Right prior to I stepped right into the shower i did my warm oil treatment for 30 minutes under my hot Head Deep conditioning Cap. My hot oil mix wasa few drops the tea tree oila few squirts the grapeseed oila few squirts of almond oila little bit that Jamaican black Castor Oil
After applying the mixture to my scalp and strands, I put on the warm Head Deep conditioning Cap. The mixture that oils combined with the heat from the cap caused super moisturized hair!
Part that the reason my results last main didn"t walk so fine is my hair may not have actually been completely cleansed, so i felt clarifying remained in order this week. To clarify my peaceful hair I reached for theSheaMoisture Jamaican black color Castor Oil Shampooand combined it with some filtered water in an applicator bottle. This permitted me to apply the shampoo straight to mine scalp and also get a great lather.After shampooing ns did a hair rinse v a mixture of environment-friendly tea and also apple cider vinegar. I used the mixture with another applicator bottle.Before stepping the end of the shower ns conditioned because that a few minutes v Aphogee 2 Minute Reconstructor. Ns squeezed out the overfill water and also wrapped mine hair in a bath towel which ns wore for about three hours.

Then I used Cantu Shea Butter as my leave-in and air-dried because that another couple of hours. By the time I visited bed, my hair to be just about dried so i sealed through almond oil, overcome wrapped it, and also got part shut-eye.I to be happy through the results the next day and plan to wear mine hair increase for many of the main to keep my end protected.


Hi I"m Leah, the voice behind A peaceful Gal which is a beauty and lifestyle blog share hair and also beauty tips and also inspiration to aid women watch great, feel great, and live great.

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