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Has everyone encountered a oil leak the originates somewhere over the Oil press Switch, i beg your pardon is directly above the oil filter? it is leaving small spots that oil on mine garage floor. Ns do have to include maybe 8 to 12 oz. The oil every pair of thousand miles. I can not tell where it is coming from.Thanks for any type of help....
On my 1999 a VTEC solenoid is located over the oil filter. An extremely nasty leak however it is doable.Good luck,Sam
e"yup. Not unusual at all to gain oil seepage indigenous both the oil pressure switch (OEM p/n: 37240-PT0-014) and from the "spool valve assembly gasket" (15825-P8A-A01). Both are inexpensive OEM parts to replace; and also there room plenty of great videos top top YouTube that show the procedure come swap lock out.but... Prior to doing the deed...consider cleaning that whole area of the engine thoroughly to check either or both locations are the actual resource of the leak.generally, the an initial step to identify points the oil seepage is, start with clean engine surfaces. Use a spray bottle and dowse every yucky surfaces through a generous amount that "Purple power (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002HU5N4O?tag=viglink20501-20)" (mixed every instructions in heat water); wait 10 minutes for the stuff to do its degreasing magic; then rinse turn off the totality shebang with a garden hose--you could have to do this more than once. After the engine is totally dry, scoot under the engine and use spray talc (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00B4CYSTC?tag=viglink20501-20) to thoroughly coat the surface of those areas you suspect oil seepage. Permit the car to idle a great long while, then climb earlier under and inspect. Repeat as necessary, moving about the engine until the leak becomes apparent.an optional but much more effective technique is to usage oil-compatible fluorescent dye (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000JFHNTM?tag=viglink20501-20) and also a UV flashlight (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0158SOWGG?tag=viglink20501-20). Fluorescent dye has a couple advantages end the ahead method. The stuff permits you to better identify all sources of oil seepage in one inspection through the UV flashlight. The dye weeps out with the oil, so girlfriend will inspect every nook and also cranny throughout her engine, and also not just the apparent suspects. A leak glows under the UV flashlight and will be very apparent, even in daylight. Again, start with a squeaky clean engine. Advisory: anything the fluoresces--like engine coolant--will glow, therefore make details you deserve to distinguish any kind of fluorescence friend discover.i likewise had seeping past the oil pressure switch in mine "00 Accord v6. However, with the UV technique, i found oil seepage native the "spool valve assembly gasket" (15825-P8A-A01) and also at the "camshaft thrust covering o-ring" (91301-P8A-A00)--locations in ~ opposite corners of the engine! both gasket instead of jobs and also the oil press switch were crazy simple to do. I purchased Honda OEM parts from hondapartsnow.com.Spool Valve Assembly(at engine rear, bottom, right--engine front towards bottom best corner)http://i1270.photobucket.com/albums/jj608/lothianmcadam/IMG_2067.jpgCamshaft Thrust Cover(at engine front, top, left--engine front at bottom the image)http://i1270.photobucket.com/albums/jj608/lothianmcadam/IMG_2065_1.jpg
I make the presumption that the spool valve gasket to be the only source of the leak. I ended up replacing the vtec valve assy., after ns replaced simply the gasket. (The oil push switch was likewise leaking.) i am currently trying to track under a slow-moving oil leak from the upper timing chain cover. Ns cleaned the engine and also drove the vehicle 20 miles and found no leak. 3 days later on the area is oily. The valve covering gasket is ok. The power steering pump is ok. It could be leaking from the little 2 bolt cover close to the p/steering pump. The bottom edge of this sheathe is oily. Has anyone else had this same problem?
i introduce you attempt to identify the source(s) the the leak(s) with oil-compatible fluorescent dye and also a UV flashlight. Within this thread you"ll uncover links to assets i"ve used.
I found the leak. The vtc filter/gasket is leaking. It stands to reason that if the ivtec assy. Is leaking, the vtc filter ~ above the other side the the head will be next. Thanks for your assist Iothian.

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interesting. How"d you discover that leak?i presume the part you express is 15825-P0A-015 (https://www.hondapartsnow.com/parts-list/2000-honda-accord-4dr_ex-ka-4at/cylinder-head.html?PNC=13)..?
I cleaned the engine again and drove the car on the freeway. Ns pulled over and checked the engine every for this reason often. I have actually the tracerline leak kit and I go not usage it since I knew the leak was from the optimal of the engine listed below the valve cover. Ns knew that the oil was not power steering nor trans fluid, so the made the project easier. Ns bought the tracerline kit to find a refrigerant leak on another car. As soon as I inspected the vehicle, I discovered the high pressure organization valve leaking. I solved the leak and had no need to do an ext work. I can not discover the component I necessary on my usual honda parts site. The is not detailed in the cyl. Head components list. It finally dawned on me to check on the ivtec parts list. A while back when I replaced the ivtec valve assy. I recall see a gasket set that had the ivtec vavle and also the vtc gaskets in the exact same set. There is a good reason because that this.Thanks again for your help. Your suggestions caused me come stop and also rethink mine strategy.