A visit come Los Angeles, California, is hardly finish without a avoid at the Hollywood to walk of Fame. According to the landmark"s website, the very first eight stars to be unveiled in 1958. Then, construction on the Walk started in 1960. The to walk of Fame ide is attributed come E.M. Stuart, and also the idea might"ve blossomed the end of artwork featured in ~ The Hollywood Hotel. As KCET wrote, "ome say the the Hollywood chamber of commerce was motivated by the called stars on the ceiling of the ballroom and also the go of Fame to be born."

Ana Martinez, Producer that the Hollywood walk of Fame, described the detailed Walk of fame application process to Nicki Swift. She"s earned she "Stargirl" nickname, and also as her Twitter bio states, she"s been "Handling the stars for countless moons!" Celebrities need to be nominated — maybe by fans, family, document labels, friends, monitoring — and also celebrities must agree come the nomination in writing. A an option committee reviews every nominee"s main application. If a celeb is picked, the nominating party should pay a $50,000 sponsorship fee. $30,000 that this price tag go "to the Hollywood historic Trust, i beg your pardon maintains and repairs the stars on the go of Fame due to the fact that it is not in the budget plan of the city that LA to do so," Martinez said. The remainder is for the yes, really star and the ceremony. 

At the time of writing, there are over 2,600 stars on that stretch of Hollywood Boulevard. That said, there take place to be a handful of noteworthy people who haven"t came down on the to walk of Fame. 

Before we obtain to that isn"t on the go of Fame, let"s clear up some misconceptions about the landmark. Because that starters, Ana Martinez explained that a celebrity can"t gain a star at any time the mood may strike. "

eople seem come think you deserve to buy stars, and you cannot," she stated. In enhancement to installation in among the six Hollywood walk of Fame nomination categories, celebs must have actually a few other characteristics to be considered. "Here"s the criteria: Longevity of 5 years or an ext in the field of entertainment, awards and nominations, and philanthropic work," Martinez told Nicki Swift. 

So, if the celebs can"t shell out cash because that a star, who pays for it? turns out, the sponsorship fee is technically the obligation of whomever nominates the celebrity. When asked how supporters could afford the $50,000 fee, Martinez said, "So for Liza Minnelli, she fans nominated her and paid because that the ceremony, and the means they did it was by having actually bake sales. Then they would have a residence where lock would show all her movies, and people would certainly pay admission. And also that"s exactly how they raised the money." 

Dean Stockwell, meanwhile, "was very large on the environment, and so his pan did recycling," Martinez shared. "And they make money that method ... Various other fans now are most likely doing ... GoFundMe and also stuff choose that, but they perform fundraising." A potential star officially gets two attempts at accept on one application, and also if selected, two years to schedule a star ceremony. 

When the leader the the E Street tape didn"t go to his very own ceremony, it threw a wrench in things, to say the least. Bruce Springsteen"s lack from Hollywood Boulevard has inspired a walk of reputation protocol referred to as the "Springsteen Policy." 

"Yeah, therefore to be nominated through a fan, and also his management referred to as me and said, "He"s no accepting the star,"" Ana Martinez described to Nicki Swift. "No reason why, however he was simply not interested, and unfortunately, he never ever did it. ... We wanted to make sure that civilization who really execute want that are offered that opportunity "cause that spot was taken through him and also he didn"t desire it, for this reason the policy." The "Springsteen Policy" was put in place to ensure the stars will follow with on their ceremonies. A celebrity (or your management) is required to agree to the consciousness in writing if they desire to participate and also see their surname on a star.

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The Boss" fans might never recognize why the skipped the star, but his search to stay a humble absent legend may have had something to execute with it. "I felt like a lot of my heroes from the past shed themselves in different ways as soon as they had a specific amount that success," Springsteen told NPR"s terry Gross ~ above "Fresh Air" in 2016. "And ns was nervous about that. And I want to continue to be grounded. And living in this part of new Jersey to be something that was — the was important to who I was and also continues, to this day, to be the way." 

There space certainly instances where celebs are selected yet don"t make things main right away through the Hollywood go of Fame. George Clooney is a element example. With his top film and television career, it"s no surprised that that has currently been nominated.

Hollywood to walk of fame Producer Ana Martinez has "been chasing George Clooney"s publicist because that years," she said Nicki Swift, noting that she"s tried to set a date for the ceremony, yet nothing is collection at the moment of writing. Martinez thinks the "Ocean"s 11" star can have a scheduling issue, yet there"s no method to know "why castle don"t set it up ideal away."

Fans could hold out hope that George Clooney will take a rest from his Lake Como abode for a star ~ above the Hollywood to walk of Fame. Speak of the spectacular manse, it sounds prefer spending time there with his household is around as fulfilling together it gets. Chatting through Hoda Kotb about fatherhood ~ above Today, the said, "(It"s offered me) a feeling of belonging and also a feeling of home and also unconditional love — every the things that you were hoping you might get indigenous a really good career and also a dog. Girlfriend realize that this is a lot much more than that." In enhancement to increasing kids and also leading a wildly effective movie career, George established a nonprofit through wife Amal Clooney. In July 2021, the actor"s best fans might enter to success an Italian hangout with the Clooneys to advantage the Clooney structure for Justice.

Spectators can be surprised to find that a variety of decorated actors are without a star on the Hollywood go of Fame. As for Dame Judi Dench? Ana Martinez told Nicki Swift that her name hasn"t to be etched right into Hollywood Boulevard due to the fact that no one has actually thrown her hat in the ring. "She"s never been nominated," Martinez revealed. "And she deserves it. We have Helen Mirren, we have actually Emma Thompson; those two ladies are in prior of a british pub called the Pig "N Whistle. I like to placed my Brits in former of the pub, so it"s kind of fun." Dame Judi Dench should take she rightful ar on the Hollywood go of Fame.

While Dench has actually yet to gain a Hollywood to walk of call star nomination, she has received much more than a couple of trophies over the food of her illustrious career. She has actually been up because that a whopping seven Oscars, taking home the hardware for her occupational in "Shakespeare in Love." Dench has also been a winner in ~ the BAFTAs, the Tony Awards, and the Olivier Awards. Oh, and also she"s damaged multiple Guinness human being Records, including Most Laurence Olivier awards won by an individual. 

Ana Martinez says that fans reach out to a celebrity"s administration in pursuit of Hollywood to walk of reputation nominations. Devotees that Dame Judi Dench, take it note.

Denzel Washington has been nominated and selected because that the Hollywood go of Fame, yet he walk not have actually a star. Ana Martinez claimed of Washington, "He to be selected many, plenty of years back and never set a date. I don"t recognize why." Honorees because that the walk of Fame currently have "two years to schedule star ceremonies native the date of choice before lock expire," according to the official Hollywood go of fame website.

There"s no way of understanding why he didn"t make his ceremony a priority, however the "Flight" actor told Oprah Winfrey how he feels about being a celebrity: "Titles have nothing to carry out with me. That"s not that I am. It"s favor the hatchet "movie star": What does the mean? It"s simply a brand they give you till they replace it with an additional one: "has-been." i don"t insurance claim either. ... Ns love my work, yet acting is what ns do; it"s no my identity." motivated by James Earl Jones in "Oedipus the King," a young Washington was ready for Broadway, and also he had a lift in theater. "It was never my master setup to go to Hollywood," he said to Winfrey.

The actor is clearly unfazed by stardom. Denzel Washington could have eventually made decision to eschew the respect of a Hollywood walk of reputation ceremony, or perhaps it simply didn"t to the right in through his schedule.

The story the Prince and the Hollywood walk of fame is a heartbreaking one; Prince might have to be a contender yet decided against it. Ana Martinez told Nicki Swift that a Hollywood go of call committee member who knew Prince once said, "Hey, I"m going to Minnesota...what if i ask Prince if he wants to be nominated?" The believed of Prince on the Hollywood go of fame must have been an interesting prospect, so lengthy as the artist want the honor. The committee member referred to as Martinez to say, "Ana, he"s not interested. He states he"s just not ready."

Martinez understands why fans would be upset not seeing the "Purple Rain" rocker ~ above a star. "Isn"t the sad? and then the passed away ideal after that, i m sorry is so sad. ... People got upset, and also somebody attracted Prince"s image on a star, i beg your pardon is fine," she said. "We permit them grieve; we let them have actually their time with, girlfriend know, the image, and also of food we had actually to clean it increase later...that was it." 

Fans likewise commandeered a walk of reputation star because that Carrie Fisher after her 2016 death (per Variety). Fisher to be selected posthumously for the 2022 Hollywood to walk of reputation class. Martinez stated that "people to be fuming" when the actor did not have a star, and some will ask now, "What took so long?" Carrie Fisher went with a posthumous waiting duration of 5 years, a plan which has actually recently been diminished to two years.

Madonna"s music job is certainly worthy that Hollywood"s honors. She"s won a bounty the awards in her multiple decades as an entertainer, including seven Grammys. The Queen the Pop when was within with of a star ~ above the Hollywood go of Fame, too. So, why wouldn"t Madge desire her name on a lucky star? Well, Ana Martinez called Nicki Swift the "Madonna to be selected many years ago, and she collection a date and also then postponed it." 

The "Hung Up" singer"s liven life might have acquired in the method of her plans to be on the Hollywood walk of Fame. ~ above the other hand, probably she determined she to be satisfied there is no the respect of a star.

Even if Madonna can"t do it to the Hollywood go of Fame, she i agreeed to another celebrity festivity throughout the pond. In 2006, the singer unveiled she handprints, cast in bronze, on the Square that Fame in ~ Wembley Park (via BBC News). Madonna officially commenced the English tradition with she plaque and will always be the an initial celeb in ~ the Square that Fame. According to BBC News, Madonna was feeling "like one honorary Brit" ~ the unveiling.

The Hollywood walk of call is full of actors and musicians, but brilliant filmmakers and creators have additionally lined the boulevard. The Los Angeles Times released a advantageous guide of film directors whose names have actually graced stars top top the Hollywood go of Fame. Surprisingly, George Lucas" name is not provided among D.W. Griffith, Cecil B. DeMille, Victor Fleming, Alfred Hitchcock, and also others. It"s tough to believe that the creator the "Star Wars" and co-creator of "Indiana Jones" isn"t included. Also the Hollywood walk of fame Producer, Ana Martinez, doesn"t always know why celebrities don"t care to sign up with the starry ranks. She has heard that Lucas is no interested in having a star, though. 

Lucas need to not be averse come the heritage itself, due to the fact that he showed up to pay tribute to none other than Luke Skywalker. A proud George Lucas speak publicly at note Hamill"s star awareness in 2018 (via MaximoTV) and also characterized the endure for himself and Hamill as "getting toward the end of the road. We"re talking about the beginning of the road and this is sort of capping the totality experience in between." After noting that Hamill is "young enough" to keep making movies, he indicated that he"d hung up his own hat — or have to we speak X-wing pilot helmet? "I"m the end of the game," the movie housing said.

Demi Lovato has actually not yet been nominated for a star ~ above the Hollywood walk of Fame, however neither have fellow Disney alums Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. The three superstar celebs climbed to importance in the 2000s and are undeniably power house in the entertainment market today. After certification in iconic Disney Channel programs and singing unforgettable teen anthems, they"ve matured and built realms of your own. 

In addition to a effective career in music and television, the "Sorry no Sorry" singer is the topic of an eye-opening documentary about their struggles with addiction, "Demi Lovato: Dancing through the Devil." The Grammy-nominated artist and also podcast host has overcome a an excellent deal in your life. Lovato"s "ultimate mission" through their podcast "4D v Demi Lovato" "is to have conversations that elevate humankind into the following dimension," they mutual on Audacy examine In. 

With all they"ve accomplished, hasn"t Lovato to be on the scene long sufficient to be considered for the Hollywood walk of Fame? Definitely. Ana Martinez claimed of Lovato, Cyrus, and Gomez, "I"m sure the younger generation would certainly love to see them, and also we would be so happy to consider them, so yeah, they need to be nominated. They"ve been about a lengthy time... Together young together they are, they"ve to be performing because they to be super young." Lovato doesn"t have a star yet, but their handprints have actually been exterior Grauman"s Chinese Theater because 2012, per MTV News.

At the time of this writing, Jay-Z has not do his note on the Hollywood to walk of Fame. The is a 2021 Inductee to the rock & role Hall the Fame, and he was inducted into the Songwriters room of fame in 2017. NPR reported that Jay-Z to be the Songwriters room of Fame"s an initial inducted rapper. 

Fans may additionally want to understand where lock can find Beyoncé"s star top top the walk of Fame. While she doesn"t have a star every to herself, she to be honored through a team star for Destiny"s kid in a 2006 ceremony. Beyoncé and Jay-Z are renowned Grammy compensation winners — Jay-Z is the many decorated rapper in the compensation show"s history, and Beyoncé has actually an impressive 28 gramophones. She additionally has the many Grammy nominations of any female artist therefore far.

Ana Martinez said Nicki Swift that she has talked with Beyoncé"s PR rep and has also hinted at a double star for Beyoncé and Jay-Z, noting that she do the efforts "to place households together" top top the go of Fame. Naught has pertained to fruition, however this Hollywood power pair could sooner or later shine next by next on the Hollywood walk of Fame.

Swifties surely know that Taylor Swift isn"t top top the Hollywood to walk of call — yet. As soon as asked around Swift"s absence, Ana Martinez provided Nicki Swift the scoop: "Oh, I"ve to be chasing her around. I"d love to check out her nominated. Periodically we can technique their offices, your management, and also give them a small hint. "It"s nomination time. It would certainly be an excellent to have her nominated.""

It appears that because that some famous folk, time is every little thing as much as the walk of call is concerned. The "Willow" singer has a many on her plate as she rerecords her very first six studio albums. Fans space well mindful that Scooter Braun owned her masters as part of her deal with the large Machine records label, but then go on to market the master to Shamrock Holdings. Concerning this move, Time wrote, "Anyone who hits beat on an old variation of Swift"s at an early stage songs right currently will still pay right into the financial institution of Braun." with that, Swift started recreating a ton the music.

She started with "Fearless: Taylor"s Version" in 2021 and also shared ~ above Instagram the "Red" will certainly be the following re-release. Where can that leave the Hollywood go of Fame? It would certainly be an excellent to see Swift celebrate her job-related with a star ceremony. It might happen, yet as Ana Martinez has said, there space "no guarantees" through these celebs.

The wait may soon more than for a Julia Roberts star on the Hollywood go of Fame: The actor was selected because that the activity Pictures group of the 2020 class. At the moment of writing, Roberts requirements to schedule her ceremony for a day that fits she calendar. In the past, she didn"t want a star, but things might be various now that she"s gone v the nomination and an option process. And interestingly enough, she to be nominated by an additional public figure. " checked out speak for her friend, Rita Wilson, at her ceremony," Ana Martinez recalled come Nicki Swift. "And she go in, and Rita says to me, "Why doesn"t Julia have actually a star?" and I said, "Well, due to the fact that she"s never been nominated, and also apparently she"s not interested.""

Wilson said Martinez, "I would choose to nominate her." Wilson perfect the nomination, her candidate was selected, "and Julia was excited about it," Martinez shared. The Hollywood to walk of call Producer supplied to field questions around Roberts v a theory: "Maybe when she has kids, that"ll change. Due to the fact that that is their legacy to see their mother on this historical walk the fame." Now the Roberts is a mother of three, the stars it seems to be ~ to be aligning. Martinez have the right to now happy say, "I to be right." possibly the star ceremony can line up with a brand-new project or a movie anniversary because that Julia Roberts.

No, Brad Pitt has actually never to be nominated because that a star on the Hollywood go of Fame, yet Ana Martinez has a plausible theory regarding why the actor might not be in search of the honor in the an initial place.

Martinez told Nicki Swift, "Actually, somebody brought it up. One of the studios wanted to nominate him, and unfortunately lock never got a response. And also I never ever thought when they were married that Angelina or Brad would certainly be interested." 

Martinez also provided that Pitt and also ex-wife Angelina Jolie are associated in charity work. A lot of charity work: According to Look come the Stars, Pitt has supported at least 42 various organizations. "I don"t know the people...I think they"d fairly use it because that the capital for miscellaneous else," Martinez added. It"s a an excellent point — Brad Pitt"s philanthropic endeavors might deter him from enabling anyone to spend a sponsorship fee on a square top top Hollywood Boulevard. It would certainly still be interesting to check out the longtime film icon on a star someday.

And what about Brad Pitt"s buddy, Leonardo DiCaprio? Well, that hasn"t been nominated because that a star, either. Ana Martinez told Nicki Swift she "met with a gentleman native DreamWorks" and "even go the boulevard to see, if he were to it is in selected, where might we put him, and they never nominated him, so i don"t recognize what happened." all the pieces deserve to be in location for a star come stake your claim, yet a nomination is quiet required.

Nobody adhered to through on a potential star because that DiCaprio. "Maybe he wasn"t interested, perhaps it wasn"t his time. Ns don"t know, however we never obtained an application for him," Martinez explained. 

The star"s IMDb boasts of a prolific acting and also producing career, however he likewise devotes his time to other passions. A fast look in ~ DiCaprio"s Twitter reflects that he remains committed to his reason of environmentalism — he desires to defend Gray wolves, aid coral reefs recover, and stop the Enbridge heat 3 pipeline. The Hollywood go of reputation nomination that never was is mystifying, however Leonardo DiCaprio has actually several tasks occupying his time in ~ present.

As sole executor of Whitney Houston"s estate, play Houston provided The brand-new York time a factor why she sister-in-law to be not contained in the Hollywood walk of Fame: "she didn"t want people walking on she name." also if the "I Wanna Dance v Somebody (Who Loves Me)" singer walk not desire the star, her fans were hopeful.

Hollywood walk of fame Producer Ana Martinez talked through Nicki Swift about Whitney Houston"s lack from the boulevard. "So Whitney i m so sad passed away, and also of food we get the call, "When space you put the flowers, where"s the star?"" Martinez said. "And regrettably she never set a date, therefore the star was never ever placed. They need to be there (unless it"s posthumous) in stimulate to have actually the star in the ground." 

Martinez continued, "So she never collection a date, and also people to be so upset around that, too, for this reason we"re hoping maybe someday the family members will expropriate it, and also have us set a date with castle ... e would need to reinstate it by having actually the chair revote it. But it"s been years now, it"s therefore sad." The Hollywood go of Fame recently updated your waiting duration for posthumous applicants: Those who space deceased can not be nominated or selected until 2 years after their death. Whitney Houston has actually never to be a posthumous candidate, and it would be up to her family to enable a star someday.

Ana Martinez called Nicki Swift that Richard Gere has "never been nominated" for a star top top the Hollywood go of Fame. Despite he"s an A-lister that has showed up in major hits like "An Officer and also a Gentleman," "Pretty Woman," and "Chicago," his place in Tinseltown isn"t what it once was.

Gere is an allied of Tibet and the Dalai Lama, and he even used his platform together an Oscars referents in 1993 to support for Tibetan freedom from China. Prior to giving far the Oscar as he was instructed, Gere spoke about the "horrendous, horrendous person rights instance ... In China, not only towards their very own people, but to Tibet together well." The actor additionally boycotted the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and he was "banned for life native China" (per The Hollywood Reporter). Despite he is entitled to his very own political alliances, his stance reportedly doesn"t gel v the gaue won relationship between Hollywood and also China, for this reason he"s been left the end of particular projects. Gere was reportedly barred indigenous presenting Academy Awards after "93, yet the Academy push office defined to GQ, "We don"t half presenters ... There"s no such point as a ban."

Ban or no ban, Richard Gere shed work and also stayed away from the Academy spotlight for a time. "I didn"t need to put top top a tuxedo again," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "I was fine v that." maybe he"s fine with not placing on a tux because that the Hollywood walk of Fame.

Al Pacino was previously selected for the go of Fame however did no schedule his ceremony, according to Ana Martinez. Pacino isn"t the only one to it is in selected and never scheduled, however it"s so strange to think that "The Godfather" star not being on the Hollywood walk of Fame.

Pacino said something quite telling about his 2018 brand-new York City retrospective, Pacino"s Way, which presented a selection of his acting and also directorial work. "I feel very great about it. As a matter of fact, ns felt the finest I think I"ve ever felt about anything the was gift done because that me. Because when I saw what castle did," he claimed to Interview, "I witnessed myself." possibly nothing have the right to top that impressive feeling.

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Martinez reminded Nicki Swift that the Hollywood go of reputation is a traveler attraction i beg your pardon is "bringing service to the community." Pacino would certainly garner a large audience of pan if he to be to have actually a star ceremony. There"s no method to recognize what that thinks around the totality thing (unless you ask him), but the Award-winning performer is a star with or there is no the tile.