This vote was regarded H.R. 6143 (88th): one Act come authorize aid to public and other nonprofit institutions of higher education in financing the construction, rehabilitation, or advancement of needed scholastic and related infrastructure in undergraduate and also graduate instituti.

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The Yea votes represented 65% that the country’s population by apportioning every state’s populace to its voting senators.

Ideology poll Chart


Our database that roll call votes indigenous 1789-1989 (1990 for residence votes) originates from an academic data source,, that has actually digitized record records going back an ext than 200 years. Due to the fact that of the difficulty of this task, the accuracy of these vote documents is reduced.

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From October 2014 with July 2015, we presented incorrect poll totals in some cases. Although the complete correctly reflected the announced location of Members of Congress, the totals incorrectly contained “paired” votes, i m sorry is as soon as two Members the Congress, one plan to poll in favor and the other against, arrangement ahead that time to both abstain.

In addition, this records perform not constantly distinguish between Members of Congress not voting (abstaining) indigenous Members that Congress who were no eligible come vote since they had actually not however taken office, or for various other reasons. Together a result, you may see extra not-voting entries and also in these instances Senate votes may show an ext than 100 senators listed!

“Aye” and “Yea” average the exact same thing, and also so execute “No” and “Nay”. Conference uses various words in different sorts that votes.

The U.S. Constitution states that bills need to be made decision on through the “yeas and also nays” (Article I, ar 7). Conference takes this literally and also uses “yea” and “nay” when voting ~ above the final passage that bills.

All Senate votes usage these words. Yet the residence of Representatives provides “Aye” and “No” in various other sorts that votes.

poll State Party Representative Score
Yea NM D Anderson, Clinton
Yea AK D Bartlett, Bob
Yea IN D Bayh, Birch
Yea MD D Brewster, Daniel
Yea WV D Byrd, Robert
Yea i would D Church, frank
Yea PA D Clark, Joseph
Yea CT D Dodd, cutting board
Yea IL D Douglas, Paul
Yea MI D Hart, Philip
Yea IN D Hartke, Rupert
Yea AZ D Hayden, Carl
Yea hello D Inouye, Daniel
Yea WA D Jackson, Henry
Yea SC D Johnston, Olin
Yea MA D Kennedy, Ted
Yea MO D Long, Edward
Yea WA D Magnuson, Warren
Yea MT D Mansfield, Mike
Yea AR D McClellan, man
Yea WY D McGee, Gale
Yea NH D McIntyre, thomas
Yea MI D McNamara, Patrick
Yea OR D Morse, Wayne
Yea UT D Moss, candid
Yea ME D Muskie, Edmund
Yea WI D Nelson, Gaylord
Yea OR D Neuberger, Maurine
Yea RI D Pastore, man
Yea RI D Pell, Claiborne
Yea WI D Proxmire, william
Yea WV D Randolph, Jennings
Yea CT D Ribicoff, Abraham
Yea FL D Smathers, George
Yea TN D Walters, Herbert
Yea TX D Yarborough, Ralph
Yea five D Young, Stephen
Yea VT R Aiken, George
Yea MD R Beall, James
Yea DE R Boggs, James
Yea KS R Carlson, candid
Yea NJ R Case, Clifford
Yea NH R Cotton, Norris
Yea hi R Fong, Hiram
Yea NY R Javits, Jacob
Yea CA R Kuchel, cutting board
Yea IA R Miller, Jack
Yea SD R Mundt, knife
Yea VT R Prouty, Winston
Yea MA R Saltonstall, Leverett
Yea PA R Scott, Hugh
Yea ME R Smith, Margaret
Yea DE R Williams, john
Yea ND R Young, Milton
Nay NV D Bible, Alan
Nay VA D Byrd, harry
Nay LA D Ellender, Allen
Nay NC D Ervin, Samuel
Nay TN D Gore, Albert
Nay AK D Gruening, Ernest
Nay AL D Hill, Joseph
Nay FL D Holland, Spessard
Nay oh D Lausche, candid
Nay LA D Long, Russell
Nay MT D Metcalf, Lee
Nay yes D Monroney, Almer
Nay GA D Russell, Richard
Nay AL D Sparkman, man
Nay multiple sclerosis D Stennis, john
Nay GA D Talmadge, Herman
Nay CO R Allott, Gordon
Nay UT R Bennett, Wallace
Nay KY R Cooper, man
Nay NE R Curtis, Carl
Nay AZ R Goldwater, Barry
Nay NE R Hruska, roman
Nay i would R Jordan, Leonard
Nay NM R Mechem, Edwin
Nay WY R Simpson, Milward
Nay SC D Thurmond, strom
Nay TX R Tower, man
No Vote NV D Cannon, Howard
No Vote ms D Eastland, James
No Vote yes D Edmondson, James
No Vote CA D Engle, Clair
No Vote MN D Humphrey, hobtration
No Vote MN D McCarthy, Eugene
No Vote SD D McGovern, George
No Vote NJ D Williams, Harrison
No Vote IL R Dirksen, Everett
No Vote CO R Dominick, Peter
No Vote NY R Keating, Kenneth
No Vote KY R Morton, Thruston
No Vote KS R Pearson, James
Present ND D Burdick, Quentin
Present AR D Fulbright, James
Present NC D Jordan, Benjamin
Present VA D Robertson, Absalom
Present MO D Symington, Stuart
Present IA R Hickenlooper, Bourke

Statistically noteworthy votes space the votes the are many surprising, or least predictable, offered how various other members of each voter’s party voted.

How well execute you understand this vote? usage this study overview to uncover out.

You can find answers to most of the questions below here top top the vote page. For a overview to expertise the invoice this vote was about, check out here.

Not all votes are meant to happen legislation. In the Senate part votes are not around legislation in ~ all, since the Senate have to vote to confirm presidential nominations to specific federal positions.

This vote is regarded a bill. However, the doesn’t necessarily tell girlfriend what it is about. Congress makes numerous decisions in the process of passing legislation, such together on the procedures for debating the bill, whether to readjust the bill prior to voting on passage, and even even if it is to poll on passage at all.

You have the right to learn an ext about the assorted motions offered in congress at If you aren’t certain what the Senate was voting on, try seeing if the on this list.

Take a look at at whereby this bill is in the legislature process. What can come next? store in mind what this specific vote was on, and also the context of the bill. Will there it is in amendments? will certainly the other chamber of Congress poll on it, or let it die?

For this question it may aid to briefly examine the bill itself.

Members of congress side with each other for numerous reasons beside being in the very same political party, specifically so for less influential legislation or legislation specific to a details region. What could have figured out how the roll call came out in this case? Does the look favor Members of congress voted based on party, geography, or some other reason?

There room two votes below that have to be much more important come you 보다 all the others. These are the votes cast by your senators, which room meant to represent you and your community. Execute you agree with exactly how your senators voted? Why perform you think they voted the method they did?

If you don’t currently know that your Members the Congress room you can discover them by start your address here. screens the percentage of the united States population represented by the yeas on some Senate votes just under the poll totals. We execute this come highlight exactly how the world of the United states are represented in the Senate. Since each state has two senators, but state populaces vary significantly, the individuals living in every state have different Senate representation. For example, California’s populace of near 40 million is provided the same variety of senators together Wyoming’s populace of about 600,000.

Do the senators that voted yea stand for a majority of the civilization of the united States? Does that matter?

Each vote’s study overview is a tiny different — we automatically choose which questions to include based on the details we have available around the vote.Study guides room a brand-new feature come Friend can aid us improve them through filling out this inspection or by sending your feedback to hello

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