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Chad:How walk we gain from the height of the WorldTo the bottom that the heap?Taylor:I don\"t recall girlfriend mentioningThe boss is together a creepZeke:We still have actually the ingredient toMake this summer sweetMartha:Well, I acquired rags rather of richesJason:And every these dirty dishesAll:Just wish I had actually three wishesGabriella:(Okay guys, rest it up)Troy:We\"ve obtained to work, workTo work-related this outWe\"ll make points right,The sunlight will shineIf us work, workThere\"ll be no doubtWe can still conserve the summerIf we work-related this out!Chad:(Dude, what have you gotten us into?)Troy:(Come on, we can totallyTurn this point around)Chad:I\"d rather confront a 7 footerStraight up in the postTaylor:That certain beats hangin\" hereTaylor & Martha:And burn someone\"s toast.Mmhhmmm...Jason:I essential Benjamins, butThis ain\"t worth the stressKelsi:Maybe there\"s a much better wayTo deal with this greasy messTroy:We\"re a champion team,A well-oiled machine,And we\"ve confronted tougherProblems than this.I understand it\"s a grind, butI\"m certain we can findA means to have fun whileWe gain this task done.We\"ve got to work, workTo occupational this outTroy and Gabriella:We\"ll make points rightThe sunlight will shineIf we work, workThere\"ll be no doubtIf us all come togetherWe deserve to work things outZeke, Kelsi, troy & Gabriella:If we job-related this out!!Troy:(Let\"s work it!)InstrumentalTroy:Tell me what you wantGabriella:Tell me what you needZeke:A tiny bit of sugarMartha:A little bit the butterKelsi:It\"s the perfect recipe!All:Pay day!Jason:It\"ll taste for this reason sweetAll:Pay Day!Zeke:Good enough to eatJason:Gonna do some activity picturesMartha:Hit the mall through all my sistersZeke:Get tickets to the Knicks and also SixersKelsi:Kick it through the music mixersChad:Buy a ride the suits my styleTaylor:Lounge around the swimming pool a whileTroy:Make a date with my favorite girlTroy & Gabriella:We\"ve got it made!All:We\"ve obtained to work, workTo occupational this outWe\"ll make points right,The sunlight will shineIf us work, workThere\"ll be no doubtWe deserve to still conserve the summerIf we work-related this out!Work This!Gotta work-related This!We deserve to work this out!