Teaching in Evansville ~ above Friday and I obtained a concern from a PD there about "secret serial numbers" on brand-new firearms as on engine vehicles.I assumed this may be some telephone game rumor around microstamping. However, the insists he has been said by number of LEOs in several agencies in Vanderbergh County that it exists.What go INGO think?


Uh, hiding a "secret" serial number ~ above a vehicle is one thing, hiding it on a handgun, or also rifle or shotgun is other else. Where space they declare this is hidden? within the barrel, stamped in teensy-weensy number on a spring? due to the fact that MOST (actually, all) parts on a firearm deserve to be changed, and also things like stocks, barrels, trigger assemblies, etc. Consistently are, not sure how well the would job-related for the
"spies that be".

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I can not say if it"s true or not, however like One stated...it would certainly not surprise me. The only factor that would press me towards probably calling "BS" is the the tech would not be cheap to implement.

One that the gun banner favorite wet dreams is a “secret serial number” somewhere in the gun. ?Secret Serial number On Guns? | Extrano"s Alley, a pistol blog
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Considering that it would price extra because that the manufacturers, would call for the participation of the manufacturers to keep it secret, and also a number of the manufacturers are not united state companies, I would certainly be willing to entertain a doubt.
laser etched under the metal somewhere you can only see it v a microscope? or one of those invisible strange water marks/holograms prefer they use on some concert tickets and earlier stage passes and such? tin silver paper hats? light in the dark tattoos you can only check out in black color light(old college dragon posters and velvet Elvis stuff)?
What would certainly be the point? Yes, there are firearms with scratched off serial numbers. Also on homicide weapons its pretty rare, though. I suppose in those couple of limited instances a surprise S/N would certainly be helpful, however otherwise i don"t watch any point to it.
Consider the source, coming from who in regulation enforcement. The fools room thinking micro stamping i beg your pardon is a hoax in itself, they hear and also interpret things the method they want the listen them, the very same thing castle do when talking come you, that"s why rule #1 is "don"t talk to the man"Honestly, space you naive enough to think something prefer that could be maintained quiet?
BSI question the intelligence of those deputies.I had actually my DL suspended years back after a child crossed center and also hit me head on, the Vanderburgh co. Cop filled the end the accident report stating i was steering a "Toyota Acura" needless to say this didnt jive through my insurance info, had some fun obtaining that straightened out!
What would certainly be the point? Yes, over there are weapons with scratched off serial numbers. Also on homicide guns its nice rare, though. I expect in those few limited instances a concealed S/N would be helpful, but otherwise i don"t watch any allude to it.

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BehindBlueI"s has the many intelligent prize ~ yes, really the only an excellent a serial number have the right to do is rather trace the history of the firearm or be provided to recognize the firearm recovered from a theft. Even tracing the "history" the transactions of a firearm would be in many instances impossible if has been with a couple of owners. Ns think a firearm marketed in the last two decades or so would certainly be straightforward to trace with from the Manufacturer or importer to the distributor, climate FFL that very first sold that and first owner ~ climate if the an initial owner or his heirs don"t have the firearm, that could come to be a nightmare to map it farther. Also if he/she offered it with an FFL 15 year ago, i m sorry one and also where and also when would certainly be the question. Yes it probably has been recorded, however how long would it take to go v the publications at one dealer to discover a 15 ~ 20 year old record. If that is the end of organization the document would be at the ATF tomes. If it has been marketed via exclusive sale one time, quite possibly the trail would finish there! since there is nothing that can tie a recovered bullet from a crime to a specific firearm uneven you have actually the firearm in her possession to compare ballistic markings, i can"t view it being a advantage to law enforcement or a detriment to firearm owners also if somehow they did add a "hidden" SN.