Anita Lincoln is a an extremely successful, contemporary day, solitary woman living v all the deluxe items available. She likewise takes care of family. Mona, her sister has uncovered true love and is gaining married, entirely funded by she sister, Anita.

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DirectorsTyler PerryStarringOlrick Johnson, Patrice Lovely, Cheryl Pepsii RileyGenresComedy, Drama, Arts, Entertainment, and also CultureSubtitlesEnglish Audio languagesEnglish
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ProducersTyler Perry, Ozzie Areu, note E. SwintonStudioViacomPurchase rightsStream soon DetailsFormatPrime video (streaming digital video)DevicesAvailable to clock on sustained devices
Professeur XavierReviewed in the United says on august 29, 2017

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Tyler Perry"s in ~ it again with one more play. What ns appreciated the most about this rotate is the it was based on something that can happen come anyone out there, yet this wasn"t anything come write home about. Here"s my testimonial on various areas.PLOTThe synopsis is around a successful woman who is manless but who find a male through an digital dating site. Native there, it goes downhill because that her. As I claimed before, ns appreciated the Tyler presented something that in reality happens: virtual dating gone awry. The remainder of the plot have the right to be defined by the title: a woman scorned.One contention that ns take with this play but additionally with various other plays is that Tyler appears to think that being a effective woman and also being emotionally satisfied is a zero-sum proposition. He"s stated this in plays such as "Madea Goes come Jail" and also "Madea"s course Reunion". Essentially, he"s stating the the an ext successful a woman is, the much more likely she is to it is in manless or lacking in the romance department. It"s normally never said that a effective woman, favor Cheryl Pepsii Riley"s six-figure personality in this play, have the right to lead a fulfilling life without a man. This is one of the reasons why ns rated down the play.ACTINGActing in Tyler"s plays has never to be a strong point, but most human being on stage revolve out a passable performance. The best actor -- maintaining in mind the we"re taking care of unskilled or mediocre gibbs -- is Cheryl Pepsii Riley. She plays a solid but lonely woman. In ~ times, her performance is not as credible as I would have liked, but she walk an all at once decent job.The other actors space pretty forgettable for a variety of reasons:*They play into stereotypes about black people, which don’t need a lot of skill.*They room just poor actors that are struggling to keep up v the flow.*They are actors who are trying too tough to be credible, so much so the it come off together someone desperate for attention.I think Tyler"s addressed these criticisms prior to by asserting that he"s interested in giving roles to civilization who would usually have been rejected by Hollywood. I intend that"s acceptable because that a play, yet it doesn"t carry out the audience the pays an excellent money any type of good.SCENERYIt"s a play, for this reason you have the right to imagine the scenery is amateurish, with not much thought put into it. This is another reason why ns voted under the play. I"m not arguing that Tyler replicate the set of "Phantom the the Opera", yet with how affluent the is, you"d think he might have done something better.SUMMARYOverall, it"s a decent play that depends on safety and security to make it watchable. There space some over-the-top characters but additionally some kind ones. This isn"t the many riveting turn for Tyler, but if you"re searching for something to store you entertained through a bit of mindlessness, you"ll prefer this play.