Once friend buy the an initial house update in Harvest Moon: earlier to Nature you have the right to use your new kitchen to chef up miscellaneous recipes. For every 8 different recipes you cook you’ll get 1% added to your farm percentage and also there space a complete of 64 recipes in the game.

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After you have actually your kitchen you have the right to buy the cooking utensils ~ above Saturday by the town hall the entire present on the purchase Network in the videogame. After you’ve watched the show head over to the inn and you can use the phone near Doug to ar an order. The utensil will be yielded the next Tuesday (or Wednesday if Tuesday is a festival or something).

The bespeak in which girlfriend buy the tools is as follows: Knife (3,000g), Frying Pan (2,500g), Pot (2,000g), Mixer (2,500g), Whisk (5,000g), Rolling pen (1,500g), stove (5,000g) and also finally Seasoning set (5,000g).

You have to buy the tools one at a time each week till you have actually them all. The critical one the you can buy is the spice Rack which will certainly contain an limitless amount of the spices required for numerous of the recipes in the videogame.

You have the right to hear about brand-new recipes by gaining to be really an excellent friends through the characters or by city hall the "Delicious Hour" show on Tuesday or a new Years special beforehand in the Spring. Lock won’t be recorded in your recipe book until you cook them though. Girlfriend don’t need to get the cooking recipes from a villager though. You deserve to just take it this list and also cook them all up yourself.

There are particular ingredients and also utensils the you have to use in every recipe in this videogame. There are likewise a ton of optional ingredients and utensils the you can use i beg your pardon supposedly can make whatever you cook "taste better" i beg your pardon just way it will restore an ext stamina once you eat it. Ns don’t think it makes a character prefer it any much more if you offer it to them together a gift.

If friend fail to cook something in this video game then you’ll end up with a "Food Fiasco".

Missable Recipes

Make certain you save one rock when you’re clearing your field at the begin of the videogame. There’s no means to gain one of those stones if you break every one of them and you need one for the Roasted potato recipe.

You also need to make certain you gain at least 2 Chocolates from part girls on the Winter Thanksgiving since once you acquire married nobody of the girl will give you coco during this festival again. You can only get cacao from a girl that likes girlfriend a decent amount (purple or blue heart) on Winter Thanksgiving. If the girl likes friend too lot (green come pink heart) she’ll provide you chocolate Cake rather which isn’t advantageous for recipes.

You need coco to make coco Cake and also Chocolate Cookies.

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Recipe List

If you want information about a specific recipe in this electronic games you have the right to jump to it making use of this practically alphabetized list.