East Vancouver Property: 1/2 Duplex (or half Duplex)

There are numerous 1/2 Duplexes scattered throughout East Vancouver, and also that number is only growing as small scale Developer’s look to maximize the revenue and also build potential on eastern Vancouver Lots. What is a half Duplex? that is one residence with two different homes, either built side-by-side (sharing a wall and the roof) or one on top of the other (sharing the roof). The size of the lot commonly determines the orientation the the Duplex, meaning, a wide lot with far-reaching frontage come the street will have side by next 1/2 Duplexes, vice versa, a lot the is long and narrow will have the 1/2 Duplexes stacked, or will develop a front and earlier 1/2 Duplex.

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City the Vancouver 1/2 Duplex Guide

1/2 Duplexes are also known together “Two household Dwellings” in Vancouver (Zoning code RT-) . Based on City that Vancouver development Standards, every 1/2 Duplex should have its very own private outdoor an are to administer for the wide range of outdoor activities that households pursue. Part privacy in outdoor spaces is important allowing for privacy and also the ability for citizens to express individuality and self-expression.

Each 1/2 Duplex additionally requires it’s very own front door and they usually have actually their own parking point out (whether a garage, or dedicated spot in a driveway). Typically, 1/2 Duplexes are developed to it is in of similar sizes v the same products (which aids the developer’s during the build). They are constructed so that each unit has their own building components (i.e. Hot water tank, heating, electric panel, etc), an interpretation the 1/2 Duplexes only share the roof, structure exterior (often every 1/2 Duplex maintains their very own windows) and common garden or driveways.

Duplexes often do not confirm to traditional BC building Act regulation (colloquially known as a “non conforming Strata” despite they aren’t permitted to be non conforming). This means the duplex citizens don’t frequently have monthly meetings, don’t have a budget, don’t have strata fees, don’t report on your financials like common Strata does, and often don’t follow BC Strata home Act Bylaws. Instead, owner typically resource yearly usual insurance and informally agree to maintenance and also common costs as they come increase (both owners need to agree in writing before maintenance being done). This can make ownership complicated if owner aren’t the the same attitude when it comes to costs and also maintenance, which is why the ideal practice is to hold a yearly AGM, craft a budget, collect strata fees, keep minute and financial records, and also hold a typical Strata financial institution Account. The owner (together known as the Strata) is still compelled to maintain all usual property (the exterior and any usual pipes/vents/etc) therefore if something happens to the usual property both owner are compelled to pay your share based on the Unit Entitlement that the Strata Plan.

See the City’s website for more information around the City of Vancouver’s 1/2 Duplex requirements.

See the CHOA website for an ext information about Duplexes: https://www.choa.bc.ca/wp-content/uploads/pdf/800/800-157-18122014-Non-Conforming-Stratas.pdf

The CHOA website is a great resource for all Strata information. Use a usual term to find to discover answers to comparable questions you might have.


This fifty percent Duplex is a front and ago Duplex, definition the former Unit has actually private access to the former yard, conversely, the back property has private usage of the Backyard. The two solitary car garages are facing the lane in the back. There room pros and also cons to every home: the front unit is north facing and also has the good street appeal, conversely, the earlier unit has the sunny south encountering exposure with the an ext private backyard.

1/2 Duplexes are good for human being who desire the feel of a detached house: families who need extra room but cannot yet afford their own lot, or down-sizers who desire the feel of a home without the unnecessary space.

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If friend have any questions about 1/2 Duplexes in eastern Vancouver, send the rememberingsomer.com team a message. With the number of new fifty percent Duplexes hitting the market, us can aid decipher value, the intricacies neighboring purchasing newly developed homes and the information you have to know about 1/2 Duplex ownership.