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Guitar Hero Rocks the 80s cheats and also codes (PS2)

Use these etc Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s cheats and also codes come unlock everything you need to acquire the location jumping. Simply make certain you don’t re-enact your rock-glory down to the 80’s hair . . . Cause that’s simply scary.

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Axe Guitar:Beat professional CareerCasket Guitar:Beat medium CareerEyeball Guitar:Five Star Every tune on tough CareerFish Guitar:Beat straightforward CareerSnaketapus Guitar:Beat difficult CareerThe log Guitar:Five star Every child on expert CareerUSA Guitar:Five star every song on basic CareerViking Guitar:Five Star every track on medium Career

Cream SG:Get 5 stars on 20 songs in co-op mode.Gibson Grabber:Beat 20 songs in co-op mode.Gibson SG:Beat 10 song in co-op mode.Gibson Thunderbird:Beat 30 songs in co-op mode.Hofner Bass:Beat every song on co-op mode.Lava Pearl Musicman Stingray:Get 5 stars on every track in co-op mode.Natural Maple Gibson Grabber:Get 4 or an ext stars top top every track in co-op mode.Natural Sunburst Gibson Thunderbird:Get 5 stars on every track in co-op mode.

How to Unlock pro Face-Off Mode:Beat the video game on medium or higher.

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CODESEnter this codes ~ above the key Menu. Store trying until a blog post appears. Do them quickly. Come deactivate the cheat, execute the code again.

Air Guitar: Yellow,Blue,Yellow,Orange,Blue,Blue(Y,B,Y,O,B,B)

Crowd has Eyeball Heads: Yellow,Blue,Orange,Orange,Orange,Blue,Yellow (Y,B,O,O,O,B,Y)

Crowd has Monkey Heads: Blue,Blue,Orange,Yellow,Blue,Blue,Orange,Yellow(B,B,O,Y,B,B,O,Y)

Flame Head: Yellow,Orange,Yellow,Orange,Yellow,Orange,Blue,Orange (Y,O,Y,O,Y,O,B,O)

Horse Head: Blue,Orange,Orange,Blue,Yellow,Blue,Orange,Orange,Blue,Yellow(B,O,O,B,Y,B,O,O,B,Y)

Hyperspeed Activate/De-Activate: Yellow,Blue,Orange,Orange,Blue,Yellow,Yellow,Orange (Y,B,O,O,B,Y,Y,O)

Performance mode (No HUD): Blue,Blue,Orange,Yellow,Yellow,Blue,Orange,Blue (B,B,O,Y,Y,B,O,B)Unlock Everything: Blue,Orange,Yellow,Red,Orange,Yellow,Blue,Yellow,Red,Yellow,Blue,Yellow,Red,Yellow,Blue,Yellow (B,O,Y,R,O,Y,B,Y,R,Y,B,Y,R,Y,B,Y)