It’s Friday night and also there’s a lot walk on. Carol’s supposed to have actually a day with Bobby however he’s to be grounded for gaining his 3rd speeding ticket in a issue of weeks. Jason’s been looking forward to a date night with Maggie all week, however she’s exhausted and also doesn’t feel favor it. Ben just wants to clock TGIF on TV (remember those good old days? ns do.). And also Mike’s got big plans with Eddie and also Boner. Whereby will every these possible storylines take us? Let’s discover out together.

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With Carol’s day cancelled and Maggie bailing on date night, the totality gang (minus Mike) is hanging in this good Friday night feasting top top TV dinners, ~ above TV trays no less! This is simply bringing back all species of memory of my family members eating dinner ~ above TV trays, watching Entertainment Tonight back in the days as soon as it wasn’t smutty and before man Tesh began making new age music…

I obtained sidetracked there, didn’t I? permit me get earlier on track.

As the Seavers are digging into their TV dinners, the doorbell rings. It turns out Jason forgot to cancel Ben’s babysitter, and now she going to hang v the Seavers for the night because her parents room out and also Ben’s babysitter isn’t permitted to stay alone. I’ll preventive you the rest of this storyline due to the fact that nothing yes, really happens that’s an ext interesting than the TV dinner/TV tray nostalgia.

Meanwhile, Mike and the boys space trying desperately to come up with interesting plans for your Friday night. Ns guess long Island isn’t a hotbed because that teenage adventures…that is, until a Dewey High alum, currently a college freshman, waltzes into the pizza shop. Mike look at him picking up a massive tower of pizza boxes and also he smells the sweet aroma of a potential party. Transforms out Mike’s right, and also he precise begs because that an invite. College male acquiesces and also it looks favor Mike, Eddie and Boner’s Friday night is looking up.

When they arrive at the party, it’s type of like that scene in quite in Pink as soon as Molly Ringwald goes come the party v Andrew McCarthy and also she feels entirely out the place amongst all the rich, popular kids. Although Mike has always been illustrated as among the cool kids, this party scene makes it clean he’s not rather at the top echelons of the high college social pyramid. Mike, Eddie and Boner soon feel choose fish out of water, yet Mike is established to right in.

Mike’s strategy for fitting in is making moves on the very first girl that looks his way. He thinks he’s hitting it off but then, within seconds she’s inviting Mike to the bathroom with her. He thinks that’s a little weird, yet then things obtain even an ext uncomfortable as soon as she assures that she’s not trying to gain her hands on his stash due to the fact that she’s got her very own cocaine. Oh my, it looks prefer we’ve acquired ourselves a ‘very one-of-a-kind episode’ here! Mike and the gang have actually unwittingly stumbled top top a party sustained largely by cocaine and also this is going to existing us all with some super an useful learning moments. Let’s get back to the party.

What will certainly Mike execute when challenged with the choice of being cool (i.e. Doing coke) or being completely uncool (i.e. No doing coke)? I’m much less worried around Mike 보다 Eddie, who appears all as well eager to just do coke to admire a bunch that snooty girls. He’s working the famed “just due to the fact that you perform coke as soon as doesn’t median you’ll get hooked” logic, i m sorry Mike is not at all offered on, and also poor Boner can’t choose which next of the fence he’s on. What we have actually here is a cocaine standoff.

Mike is pushing tough for the boys to make a stealth escape native the party prior to they’re labelled ‘weenies’ for simply saying no, but they are already too late: a entirety gaggle of fellow Dewey High Hooters (yup, Hooters) have spotted them and also now if they leaving the party they will certainly be socially doomed. Together I clock this, I’m simply feeling extremely grateful for what has turned the end to be a extremely sheltered upbringing throughout which the many harmful substance ns was pressured to use as a teenager was alcohol, and even climate no one really cared if you said no.

We reach the crux of the episode at this point: Mike has stalled as much as the can and now the blond girl is earlier and it’s one are-you-in-or-are-you-out moment. There is no hesitation, Mike stand his ground and just states no, and also without offering any kind of feeble excuses. He just says he doesn’t want to perform coke, which more than likely would’ve to be fine if the entire party hadn’t heard him speak it.

Now everyone’s laughing and some guy, who is probably two year older 보다 Mike (although, to it is in fair, the looks 30), condescendingly calls them boys, together though doing coke renders you manly. Mike’s gonna grab this moment to to escape from probably the most embarrassing social event of his life. The only problem is that Eddie and Boner don’t want to leave. Turns out best friends don’t constantly stick together because Eddie would certainly rather try to score with some warm chicks even if it method trying the end a tiny blow. And I will ask you however again if Eddie and Boner no the worst ‘best friends’ ever?

Now Mike is wrestling with the fact that he to know he made the right an option but, in act so, appears to have lost the things that matter to high institution boys (popularity, possibilities with girls, and also his finest friends). How deserve to making the right choice come through so many an adverse side effects? thank goodness Jason is there to help Mike make sense of this. Jason reminds Mike that, in the end, we must make the choices that are appropriate for us, discovering we might not you re welcome everyone. Jason to know what’s what: the if us make decisions based on what we think others want, we’re setting ourselves up because that unhappiness. Mike feels much better about his choice, and we find out that Eddie and Boner did leave the party ~ all, i m sorry Mike sees together a sign that castle really space the best, but which I view as just one more reason he should seriously reconsider exactly how he defines friendship.

We end this episode v the classic “lead actor speak seriously come the camera around the risks of drug use”. The jaded part of me wants to mock this, but the enlarge I obtain the much more I can appreciate the networks to be trying to execute something come positively impact youth within a tool that was never ever really to plan to do that. What I likewise appreciate is that growing Pains take it a slightly different take ~ above the ‘don’t carry out drugs’ message, which was to focus on the fact that real friends won’t pressure you to carry out things you don’t desire to do, that if someone just likes you since you’ll perform drugs v them it’s more than likely not a real friendship. Plus, given that Kirk Cameron to be (I think) currently on his route to finding out religion in a significant way, it feels favor he is in reality speaking with conviction, uneven so many of the actors that taped these PSAs in the 80s. So i guess this is my long-winded method of saying method to go farming Pains. I think girlfriend hit the mark much better than numerous of your 80s family members sitcom contemporaries.

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At the end of this episode, ns left wondering:

Why is Mike friends through Eddie and Boner? Seriously. Why?Was there an 80s family sitcom the didn’t have actually a ‘very distinct episode’ around drugs? ns can’t think that a solitary one.