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"Grim" and also "Gram" room the one-of-a-kind nicknames Max offers for his grandparents, however those aren"t their real names, and also they aren"t the names that the grandparents call each other.

Although Grim seldom addresses Gram through a name, when he does, the calls she "my dear." This happens 2 times: once...

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"Grim" and "Gram" space the distinct nicknames Max supplies for his grandparents, but those aren"t their actual names, and also they aren"t the names that the grandparents call each other.

Although Grim hardly ever addresses Gram v a name, once he does, that calls her "my dear." This happens two times: when in chapter 14, when Grim is comforting Gram while they are both worried around protecting Max native his father, and also again in thing 15, as soon as the household is celebrating Christmas and the typically reserved Grim is feeling an ext affectionate 보다 usual.

Here"s that very first instance, from chapter 14:

"Next thing, Gram is crying, and you deserve to tell Grim is make the efforts to make her feel better, going, "There, there, my dear. I know, ns know. There, there.""

Here"s the 2nd instance, in chapter 15:

"Gram says, "How have the right to you tell such lies on Christmas Eve?"

"I"m telling tales, my dear, no lies. Lies are average things, and tales are meant to entertain.""

It"s worthwhile to take into consideration what the personalities call each other, since that expose a lot around what type of civilization they are. Because that example, Max call his finest friend through his nickname, Freak, despite Freak"s mommy calls him by his actual name, Kevin. This helps us understand that Freak"s mommy wants to view Kevin as someone normal and respectable, while Max accepts Freak because that the unexplained personality he"s cultivated for himself.

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Getting earlier to Gram and also Grim, then, the fact that Grim call Gram "my dear" shows that he yes, really is a tender-hearted man, regardless of how reluctant he normally is to display it. And also further, the fact that Grim generally calls Max through his name, even by his complete name "Maxwell," mirrors that Max"s partnership with his grand is a bit stiff and also formal--but climate on a rare occasion, Grim called Max "son," which make Max feel surprised and also happy since of just how affectionate his grand was being.