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Charlotte come Charleston Buses helps you find a bus indigenous Charlotte come Charleston. Obtain the best fare and schedule, book a round expedition ticket or discover buses with WiFi and electrical outlets.

We make it our job to attach you through the most dependable bus service providers that cover bus business from Charlotte to Charleston.

Whether the is cheap bus tickets or more luxurious buses going to Charleston native Charlotte, we aid you uncover what you're looking for based on how lot of a budget plan you have.

Bus Companies

Charlotte to Charleston bus tickets are detailed by Greyhound US.

Stations & Stops

For a bus leaving from Charlotte, the expedition starts in ~ Charlotte Greyhound Bus Station, Agencia El Salvador Bus Stop, Tornado & El Expreso Bus Company, 4127 Glenwood Dr, 4127 Glenwood Dr, 4127 Glenwood Dr, 4127 Glenwood Dr, 4127 Glenwood Dr, 4127 Glenwood Dr or 4127 Glenwood Dr.

In Charleston, her bus travel ends at Charleston Bus Station, #6195 Rivers Ave or Bus Station.

Information top top this bus route

Daily Buses1
Earliest and Latest Bus Departures1:45PM
Minimum Price$35
Average Ticket Price$48
Minimum pilgrimage Duration4h45m
Average Bus pilgrimage Duration4h45m
Bus suppliers on This RouteGreyhound US


Frequently asked inquiries for your expedition Charlotte - Charleston

How lot does a bus ticket native Charlotte come Charleston cost?

The average bus ticket price from Charlotte to Charleston is $48. The best way to uncover cheap bus ticket from Charlotte come Charleston is to book your tickets as beforehand as possible. Prices tend to rise as your travel day approaches, so book in breakthrough to for sure the finest prices!

How lengthy is the bus ride indigenous Charlotte come Charleston?

The median travel time between Charlotte and Charleston is about 4h 45m, back the faster bus will certainly take around 4h 45m.This is the moment it bring away to travel the 177 miles the separates the two cities.

How plenty of daily bus relations are there in between Charlotte and also Charleston?

The number of buses from Charlotte come Charleston have the right to differ depending upon the job of the week. ~ above average, there room 1 top top this route. Part buses run straight routes, if others have layovers. Simplify your bus expedition from Charlotte come Charleston through comparing and also selecting the bus the fits you take trip style and budget top top

Which bus companies travel indigenous Charlotte come Charleston?

When acquisition the bus indigenous Charlotte to Charleston, you deserve to travel comfortably and safely v Greyhound.

What are the departure and arrival stations once taking the bus indigenous Charlotte to Charleston?

Buses traveling in between Charlotte and Charleston leave from Charlotte Greyhound Bus terminal or Agencia El Salvador Bus Stop and also arrive at Charleston Bus Station, #6195 Rivers Ave, Bus Station.

What are the ideal sights and also things to carry out in Charleston?

Once in Charleston, you deserve to start trying out the city and discover that is surroundings. The optimal sights and also things to execute are Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, Boone hall Plantation, Splash zone Waterpark in ~ James Island ar Park, Middleton Place, Charleston Food Tours.

About Bus Travel

Bus take trip Tips

Make friends with the driver. They usually know a lot about your destination and may even recommend which side of the bus to sit ~ above to gain the best views on the road between Charlotte and also Charleston!

From miles long of beauteous organic landscapes to outstanding man-crafted sights, you're bound to it is in in because that a intuitive treat on her bus pilgrimage from Charlotte to Charleston.

Buses room energy-efficient. Transporting a passenger over 100 kms by coach just takes 0.6-0.9 liters the gas. Compare that to the 2.6 liters forced by high-speed train, 6.6 liters by aircraft and 7.6 liters by gas-powered car, and also it's clear the the bus is a much more environmentally-conscious choice for your bus transport from Charlotte come Charleston.

Make a music playlist for your bus ride from Charlotte come Charleston, and also enjoy the scenery to melody from your own an individual soundtrack.

Did girlfriend know?

The bus driver with the longest job in the world drove much more than 2,000,000 miles and also is a happy civilization Record holder.

One the the longest bus path in the world goes all the method from Ontario to Alberta in Canada (with the same bus). This pilgrimage is 3,435 km or 2,135 miles long and the price is a little under $100.

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The word 'bus' is an abbreviation of 'omnibus" which way 'for all' in Latin together buses were intended to be transport for everybody.