Verse 1:Oh Lord, I"m strivin",tryin" to survive this barren land,but as I go from day come day,I deserve to hear my Savior say,"trust me child, come on and also hold my hand."Chorus:I"m comin" up on the turbulent side of the mountain,I must hold to God, His an effective hand.I"m comin" up on the stormy side of the mountain,I"m doin" my finest to do it in.ChorusVerse 2:I"m comin" increase Lord, although mine burdenssometime they press me down,but if I deserve to only save this faithI"ll have strength just to operation this race;I"m lookin" because that my starry crown.ChorusVerse 3:This old race will certainly be quickly be over,there"ll be no much more race for me come run.And I will certainly stand prior to God"s throne,all my heartaches will be gone,I"ll hear my Savior say, "welcome home".Chorus

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Minister Grace created on 29th Aug 2021, 12:55h: i woke up this morning singing the chorus in mine dream. I’m a cancer survivor and I am always overnight one point or an additional but i keep pushing on. Each step I come to be stronger and much more anchored. I’m doing my ideal to do it in! say thanks to youJesus.

Patty Gonzales wrote on 23rd Aug 2021, 4:27h: Listening to F.C. Barnes & firm sing this song on youtube. Will be a glorious day when Jesus states "Welcome home."

RONALD Ryder wrote on 6th Jun 2021, 19:38h: the is. So very very true for human being that are truly law the really very best to live because that the sweet mr JESUS this day THEY all to often have to walk up the stormy side the the mountain each and every day however they stay faithful all the means

BarryLundy composed on first Apr 2021, 13:46h: This track brings me happiness eventide i listened come it

Charles Harper created on fourth Jan 2021, 17:32h: together a great song

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Sandra Mays Stevens composed on 3rd Jul 2020, 2:40h: my husband played this because that me and also I love it i play it over and over