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good morning, good morning, great morningMar. 14th, 2009

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01:44 pm

Hi!Yay? I acquired spam?I desire to apologize because that my immodesty in ~ first. Simply I have uncovered yourprofile at dating website www.megafriends.com. My surname is Anastasia.I in ~ all do not understand why I have actually chosen you.Probably that was any type of internal voice. Probably it is destiny.In any type of case, I perform not find for guy according just to externalqualities. I search my real soulmate and also I would favor to speakwith you an ext to know more about you. Of course if girlfriend areinterested too. I am 27 years old and also you can see mine photo. I deserve to sendyou more photos if friend want. Of course ns shall tell more aboutmyself if you will certainly answer. My e-mail is: kanastas98

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someemailsite.comI chandelier look forward to hearing native you.With hope, Anastasia.I to be making a ringtone top top phonezoo and also then as soon as I looked at the ones detailed on the site, there to be one referred to as "Good morning, great morning, great morning" and I loved it! I sent out it to my phone because I want it and also will probably use it because that the alarm.Here space the lyrics:Good morning, great morning, good morningIt"s time come rise and also shineGood morning, an excellent morning, an excellent morningI expect you"re emotion fineThe sun is just above the hillAnother day for united state to fillWith every the points we love to doOh, can"t girlfriend hear it"s calling girlfriend - doodle ooh doo doodle ooh doo doodle ooh dooGood morning, good morning, good morningIt"s time to rise and also shineGood morning, great morning, good morningI expect you"re emotion fineCome on and get up, gain out the bedYou gotta acquire up girlfriend sleepy headThe day is dawning just for youAnd all your dreams are coming true - doodle ooh doo doodle ood doo doodle ooh dooApparantly, the song has been around for many years. I was wondering what it to be from, but there to be no one certain thing. Ns found many references. One human being on phone call zoo said "Winnie the Pooh," yet I"ve not found that at all.I"ve checked out others say Psalty and also then rather say Bullfrogs and Butterflies.I only had one suffer with Psalty when I was younger and also that"s due to the fact that they had actually a cost-free Psalty present at happy Tidings, so us went. It to be fun, however I don"t remember much other 보다 it being fun since they sang a most the songs ns knew from mine Wee Sing bible Songs tape.While looking for that an excellent morning song, ns came across this video clip in a blog called "Stuff christians Like." I have actually no idea if the blog is funny or not, together I"ve just seen this one entry. However, the video is pretty funny.How"s your day been so far?