Golden Retrievers with blue eyes might be a rarity the dog owners might be looking to find. When Goldens come in many varieties and colors, their eye shade is typically brown. For this reason is it feasible to uncover one through blue eyes? We describe if that is possible, and also why.

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Can gold Retrievers have actually Blue Eyes?Golden Retriever Puppies with Blue EyesCan Your gold Retriever Eyes adjust Color?Mixed Breed golden Retrievers through Blue EyesAre gold Retriever’s Blue Eyes associated To health and wellness Conditions?CataractsGlaucomaNuclear SclerosisAlbinism in gold RetrieversWhat Is The standard For Eye colour In golden Retrievers?Current StandardsScam AlertConclusion

Can gold Retrievers have Blue Eyes?

Golden Retrievers have the right to have blue eyes. However, this trait have the right to only be uncovered in Goldens if they space puppies, have eye illnesses such as cataracts, or are mixed breed dogs. You have the right to not uncover an adult, pure bred, healthy golden Retriever with blue eyes.So while it is feasible to watch Goldens v blue eyes, it is essential to understand why. If you are looking in ~ a puppy, just know the the eyes will readjust color to a darker brown. If that is an adult, climate you space either city hall an unhealthy dog or a gold mixed with another breed.

Golden Retriever Puppies through Blue Eyes

There are cases where golden Retriever puppies deserve to have dark blue eyes as soon as they’re young. However, that does not typical the puppy will still have actually blue eyes when it’s an adult. Puppies v blue eyes are the result of a lack of pigment.As us know, the not until puppies are around two main of age that they open up their eyes. And even as soon as they have the right to open them, their eyes won’t completely work.Nevertheless, it will take a few weeks for the puppies’ eyesight come improve, and also it’s as soon as their blue eyes will revolve brown.

Can Your gold Retriever Eyes readjust Color?

Yes, virtually all dogs’ eye will readjust color. In ~ birth, every dogs’ eyes space a the shade of blue. Then, end the very first months the life, castle will gradually darken to brown. However, expect your gold retriever’s eye were previously brown and also are now starting to turn blue. In that case, you could want to visit the vet to inspect your Golden’s vision.This is because of a rare side-effect that eye disease in dogs, such as glaucoma and cataracts, which are transforms in eye color. 

Mixed Breed golden Retrievers through Blue Eyes

If you find yourself through an adult blue-eyed golden Retriever, there is a high opportunity it’s no a purebred. However, over there are instances where you uncover dogs the look favor they room 100% gold until you watch their eyes.For example, if you check out one with eyes as blue together a husky’s, then it’s possible the breeder crossed it through a husky. The very same thing happens through Black golden Retrievers. They appear like consistent Goldens (except for their distinctive color), but they are not purebred golden Retrievers.When combined with a golden Retriever, some dog breeds deserve to have blue eyes as a result. Below is a perform of possible breed mixes that might create blue eyes.Breeds the Could an outcome In Blue eyes When blended With golden RetrieversPitbullBoxerOld English SheepdogCocker spanielGreat DaneAustralian cattle dogAustralian shepherdGerman shepherdBorder collieWeimaranerHuskySuppose you mix a gold Retriever or a Lab through one – or an ext – of this breeds mixes. In the case, the chances are high that the an outcome could be a blue-eyed blended breed gold Retriever.

Are golden Retriever’s Blue Eyes connected To health Conditions?

Blue eye in a gold Retriever can be attached to health conditions in your eyes. While this can not constantly be the case, there are a few issues to store in mind.There space several different health conditions that gold Retrievers are susceptible to the could reason them come “seem” as if they have actually blue eyes. A couple of of lock are:


A cataract is an eye illness when the eye lens becomes cloudy, leaving the eye looking blue or cloudy. This may arise together a an outcome of injury, genetic disorders, disease, or old age.The denser and bigger lock become, the more likely the is for them to lead to blindness. So, if this is her Golden’s case, and if you think the dog may have cataracts, have actually the veterinarian check on it.


Glaucoma is disease where the eye pressure has actually levels that are greater than normal. It deserve to be brought about by a couple of potential events, such together tumors or injury, and also can additionally lead to blindness. And also like cataracts and nuclear sclerosis, glaucoma may additionally cause the eyes’ appearance to become blue or cloudy.A gold Retriever’s eyes turning blue could be caused by various other problems. So, in essence, if you realize her dog’s normally brown eye are turning blue, take it it to the veterinarian. It could be a serious worry that could cause blindness.

Nuclear Sclerosis

Nuclear sclerosis and also cataracts are often perplexed by plenty of dog owners. The factor for this is due to the fact that both of them offer a bluish, cloudy hue come the dog’s eyes.But, the fact is the nuclear sclerosis doesn’t affect a dog’s vision, is painless, and also doesn’t have actually treatment.

Albinism in gold Retrievers

English Cream golden Retrievers are different that those v Albinism. Learn much more about Types and Colors of golden Retrievers.
There are “albino” pets in the world. Albino pets have a deficiency the the gene that create melanin, i m sorry is the pigment the gives color to the skin and also hair. Albinism is very rare in dogs. Animals that have albinism have tendency to have pink eyes, but this isn’t the case for dogs. In dogs, albinism is more likely to give them blue eyes. Albino dogs likewise have white fur and pink noses. There is a possibility where two purebred golden Retriever parents can have an albino puppy. This would certainly be one rare case where a dog with blue eyes could be a non-conforming gold Retriever.It is extremely rare for golden Retrievers to have actually albinism. Therefore, most gold Retrievers through blue eyes space indeed golden Retriever mixes.

What Is The traditional For Eye color In gold Retrievers?

In the unified States, the AKC (American Kennel Club) has actually the obligation of registering dogs. Then, based upon the input from the breed’s national parent club, this dog pedigree combination regulates every breed’s standards. 

Current Standards

Regarding what color a gold Retriever’s eyes have to be, the gold Retriever breed conventional from the AKC says the following: “Color best dark brown; tool brown acceptable.”For gold Retrievers, GRCA (Golden Retriever club of America) is the parental club. Together, the AKC and also the GRCA define the golden Retrievers’ each other standard. They incorporate only dogs v brown eyes, where dark brown is wanted over light or tool brown. Therefore, if light brown is not considered acceptable, blue eyes have no chance. So, you’ll most likely never uncover a purebred golden Retriever v blue eyes unless we are talking about a puppy or one with health issues.

Scam Alert

If you check out a breeder proclaiming “Blue Eyed gold Retrievers because that Sale” the is a scam. Over there are plenty of puppy scams on the internet so be an extremely cautious.Some breeders will desire to charge an ext money for your “specialty” blue-eyed puppies because of their various eye colors. Castle will insurance claim these version of dogs space rare and worth more. Don’t get scammed, as these space not reliable breeders.


To summarize, golden retrievers room not supposed to have blue eyes. The breed conventional is brown eyes.There space three points to store in mind once looking to obtain a blue eyed gold Retriever:The eye of a golden Retriever puppy will readjust to the color brown as they grow older.Blue eyed gold Retrievers could be the result of health and wellness issues.Most golden Retrievers v blue eyes room the result of mixing with one more breed the dog.If you great to have a blue-eyed dog, climate a husky or an additional breed v the tendency for blue eye is a possible choice. Another an option would be to find a blended breed dog, we would just advise to stop paying a premium because that those dogs and also enjoy them because that what castle are.If you have your heart set on a purebred golden Retriever, then you’re walk to have to settle for your big, beautiful, brown eyes!If you have actually concerns around the health and wellness of your dogs eyes, be sure to visit her veterinarian. To learn much more about gold Retrievers health and wellness issues, be certain to examine out our article on Common health and wellness Problems.
Corey RawlinsCorey spends every day through his gold Retriever named Brady. He enjoys cultivate him, yet most the all, playing with him. Corey is the Founder of golden Retriever society and loves working with the veterinarian Advisors and other writers on the staff.

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