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Hey, let’s just be honest here. Videos like this are funny, but they’re also kind of sad. A pair of friends are in the car, and one asks a math problem. “If you’re traveling at 80 miles per hour, how long will it take to travel 80 miles?”

Sure, there might be some hesitation from someone who thinks the answer is too simple, and they’re being tricked. The girl in this video is just plain stumped, though, and you can just feel the cringe through the screen.

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At one point, she responds, ?I don?t know! I said 10 minutes, and you said ?no.? I said 80 minutes, and you said ?no.? I said 8 minutes, and you said ?no?!?

Yeah, that’s because those were all wrong answers, Stephanie. As you can see, she just gets more perplexed as the video goes on.

?What?! I don?t understand! Do I, like, divide something? I don?t know, dude! Dude, I don?t know.? Hey, that’s the most correct thing she said in the entire video. She really did not know the answer.

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Of course, the internet being what it is, there were plenty of YouTube comments absolutely roasting this girl, and, we have to admit, some of these are pretty darn hilarious.

“She’s the type of girl to miss her doctors appointment cuz she’s sick.”

“She is the type of person to lick her fingers while turning the pages of Amazon Kindle.”

“She’s the type of girl who takes a ruler/tape-measure to bed to see how long she slept.”

“She’s the type of girl who would order a cheeseburger without cheese.”