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In chapter 9 the Kate DiCamillo"s Because of Winn-Dixie, Opal meets Gloria Dump because that the first time when Winn-Dixie runs off into her yard. Opal should make her method through Gloria"s tangled garden to find him, and also when she does, she sees he is licking peanut butter off...

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In chapter 9 of Kate DiCamillo"s Because that Winn-Dixie, Opal meets Gloria Dump because that the very first time once Winn-Dixie operation off right into her yard. Opal need to make her method through Gloria"s tangled yard to find him, and also when she does, she sees the is licking peanut butter off of her fingers. Opal describes Gloria together an old woman v "crinkly brown skin"; she is attract a "big floppy hat with flowers anywhere it." because Opal has actually no one else to talk to, she tells Gloria all about her life, including her sorrows concerning her lacking alcoholic mother. Gloria i do not care a an extremely important character because she gives Opal a lesson about judgement and even becomes the catalyst for the climax that the story since it is in her yard that a party is thrown, bringing all of the lonely personalities in the story with each other as friends.By thing 14, Opal begins going to visit Gloria every day. Opal has likewise started functioning at Gertrude"s Pet save sweeping up the floor in bespeak to knife money to buy Winn-Dixie a pretty collar and leash. While at the pet store, she learns that Otis, the shy man who works behind the counter, was as soon as in jail. Emotion concerned, she tells Gloria around it and asks, "Do friend think I have to be fear of him? ... Because that doing poor things, ns guess. Because that being in jail." In response, Gloria takes Opal the end to the really back that her yard to show her a "big old tree" which has all sorts of alcohol bottles hanging from its branches. Gloria explains that she hung the bottles on the tree "to keep the ghosts far ... The ghosts of every the points I done wrong."Gloria more explains that, like Opal"s mother, she had once to be an alcoholic and had done plenty of "bad things" partially since of the alcohol and also partially because she "would"ve done anyway, with alcohol or without it." She then changed she life when she learned what was crucial to her. Gloria supplies this details as a great to show that we can"t referee people by what they"ve done in the past; we deserve to only referee them by what they space doing right now in the present.