That to be the bewildering question posed to Jennifer Lopez ~ above the Billboard Music Awards red carpet last weekend by Giuliana Rancic. Lopez claimed she was undoubtedly "solo," but Rancic retained pressing, asking, "No one hiding earlier there? No? no one you"re conference inside?" 

Even if Lopez had brought a date, a man should have actually been next to the point. The human being seems established to pair off females in relationships, through a relentless focus that ignores your other achievements or their own desires. ~ all, according to a 2019 Pew research study poll, a fifty percent of single adults aren"t looking because that any kind of relationship, and another 10% are just interested in casual dates. And yet, so countless women find themselves on the receiving end of pesky questions and also comments from well-meaning friend or relatives: room you seeing anyone? phone call me around your love life. Why aren"t you involved yet? When"s the wedding date? 

Just together there"s no reason to offer into society"s push to follow the roadmap, there"s no factor to price the inquiries — at the very least not seriously. Us have much better things to talk around and more interesting achievements to celebrate. Oh, and it"s nobody"s cursed business. 

These 16 ladies expertly shut down concerns prying right into their love lives. Take note for the following time a guy asks around your love life, or when you require a funny answer to "Who is her crush?" (Ugh.)

1. Rihanna: "Wow, exactly how disappointing was that question."

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When a reporter request Rihanna if she would be visited by Ashton Kutcher (her rumored beau at the time) while fostering her movie Battleship in 2012, her solution was swift. "Wow, how disappointing was the question," she said. "I"m happy and I"m single, if that"s what you"re yes, really asking." Unfortunately, she had actually to deal with an in similar way invasive questioning two years later at the start of she men"s fragrance, Rogue. In solution to a reporter asking what the star to be "looking because that in a man," Riri said, "I"m not looking for a man. Let"s begin there."

2. Cameron Diaz: "I"m in love v life."



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Grande responded to Mario Lopez"s question, "Are you solitary or space you in a relationship?" throughout a 2014 iHeartRadio interview by redirecting it come the essential stuff — her work, which to be the whole suggest of the appearance. "I love... Mine album that"s coming out in seven days," the singer said. This wasn"t the an initial time Grande deflected partnership question. That very same year, she told Matt Lauer top top Today, "I"m happy," and transforming the tables on Ryan Seacrest: "Why space you doing this come me?" In 2020, Grande — who was date her now-husband Dalton Gomez — revealed just how painful it deserve to be come talk around and publicize her relationship. "Sharing special, personal life things that do u happy top top the internet can be truly traumatic," she wrote in a talk about Florence Pugh"s Instagram post around the hateful message the actress was receiving about her very own relationship.