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organization we pride ourselves on appliance service. Ours team that factory-trained technicians is happy to assist with all yourneeds! shipment once you shop v us, our professionally trained delivery team will ensure a quick and also safe shipment on yourpurchase. surroundings To save time, leave the setup to our skilled team*! we’ll install come ensure products are working prior to weleave. guarantee our extended organization plans provide protection you deserve to depend on after ~ the manufacturer"s warranty runsout.

Save second 5% or 10%

Save secondary 5% or 10% on eligible 3-piece appliance packages or standard 4-piece appliance packages.

precious JUL 15 - NOV 2, 2021

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acquire up to $1,500 ago

acquire up to $1,500 earlier when girlfriend purchase choose Bosch Benchmark kitchen packages.

precious JUL 1 - DEC 31, 2021

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as much as $300 Fit guarantee

get up to $300 towards cost of professionally modifying your cooktop or oven.

VALID january 1 - DEC 31, 2021

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Largest an option in the InlandNorthwest end 40 brands to choose from and also over 14,000 item instock

It’s our mission to provide you with quality company that you won’t receive from our competitors. Due to the fact that 1962, we have served customers v low prices and top-notch client service. From the sale to distribution to installation come service, our goal is to meet and exceed our customers" needs. Our knowledge of the products we sell sets us high over the competition. We look forward to seeingyou!

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High-efficiency WASHERS and also high-performance DRYERS. Pick from top-load to front-load laundry all designed for your busy life.

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The Coolest Refrigerators

Shop refrigerators that allow you to remain connected, have flexible storage and temperature settings with rapid & easy accessibility to everydayitems.

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The Hottest varieties

choose from a huge an option of gas and also electric ranges and ovens with features including induction ovens along with premium-gradegriddles.

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clever Cleaning

find the best for your house from energy-efficient come smart technology dishwashers that room smart & silent and won’t leave a messbehind.

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your one-stop shop because that all points grilling and outdoor cooking. Now you have the right to grill, bake, smoke, roast, braise, & BBQ v thebest.

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Visit one of our Ding & Dent locations to get extr savings top top our huge selection of appliancestoday!

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Customer reviews

our customers space our family, and we love to hear what they have to say. Examine out your rave evaluate righthere.

Brian in Billings to be awesome to occupational with... Went there on the referral of mine realtor and builder in Billings and also was punch away with the level the service. SO lot SO that I automatically called my sister who’s permanently relocating come the Spokane area and also told her to use them for any type of needs there aswell.

Nick Schmidt

Our fridge went out and also John and also Jake aided us discover the perfect one! They offered us an amazing deal and delivery and also install was perfect those gentlemen were polite and also careful through our floors! very reccomend them and also will certainly be on the back! ThankYou!

Abbie Wagar

Eight years agowhen I moved to Spokane ns took the recommendation of a neighborhood to shot Fred’s prior to shopping at the big box stores. Ns thankful i did since their customer organization is the best. Be certain to acquire the protection setup too and also you i will not ~ regretit.

Barb Snodgrass

at the Monroe street store... View Brandon. Awesome salesman. Once the Warehouse couldn"t it seems to be ~ to obtain my product come me (it was here) ~ 3 different shedules Brandon brought it to me HIMSELF! That"s what I contact going the extra mile. Say thanks to youBrandon!