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Can someone tell me the torque specs for the hub lock nuts top top the behind hubs and the 8 bolts on the exterior of the hub? I"m doing behind axle seals today...Thanks guys,Casey
hub, revolve nut ~ above till its tight, probably around 60lbs, then earlier off about 1/4 turn, more than likely like 6-8 clicks.the axleshafts. Tight, but dont snap them. I hammer them with my good IR top top the short setting.
lots of junk97 f350, 7.3L, 2wd, auto, exhuast, intake, injectors, chip, IC, big gooseneck.93 f350. 7.3L idi turbo, 2wd, 5 speed, dually.Pics
i execute not think that what he is talking about. The 8 bolts hold axle in. Is what the is talk about, i belive. They execute not gain backed off 1/4 turn.
1996 F350 C/Cab,7.3L PSD/M Burgundy/15000 lb warning winch/Tymar filter/4"exhaust/no kitty/pre turbo pyro/boost guage/BD4banks chip/no ago seat, custom device box instead/110 4000 watt inverter/on board air/200 amp alternator/4"lift/ imperial purple oil rear 75/140,syncromax in tranney/RottelaT 15/40 in engine with Durolube/Evens npt+ watterless antifreze/luk clutch hard flywheel/home made AIC/power stearing heat mod/home make traction bars,glow relay mod= instaled LED light in dash so i have the right to tell if GP relay is functioning or not.

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he stated hub nut and axle nuts. I offered numbers for both. The hub seed is the criitical one, the axleshafts just need to it is in tight.
lots the junk97 f350, 7.3L, 2wd, auto, exhuast, intake, injectors, chip, IC, large gooseneck.93 f350. 7.3L idi turbo, 2wd, 5 speed, dually.Pics
Per manual, tighten bearings come 55-65ft/lbs in ~ the large nuts, then earlier them off 1/8 rotate (which amounts to five clicks - straightforward to gauge also if friend can"t hear them, together there room 8 axle bolts, thus 1/8 turn), climate after you collection her down on the ground, tighten the axle bolts come 60-80 ft/lbs. Wheels need to be 140 ft/lbs.Josh R
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Wheel, hubs & bearings, Rear, Dana Full-floating axleHub seed 65-75 ft/lbsTo set bearings,back turn off the hub seed 90 degrees,retighten. 15-20 ft/lbs Axle Shaft-to-Rear Hub Bolts 83-113 ft/lbsIs this what you need? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shrug.gif
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