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Anyone the end there know the proper means to set up the wheel bearings in the behind of a 2002 Superduty 10.5" rear axle.I"ve to be told come torque them come 60 ft/lbs then ago them off 3 clicks.Anyone know where come buy the distinct socket?Regards,Paul Low

This is indigenous the 99 business CDSame axle as the 2002 SRW axleInstallation1. Note: Clean the spindle thoroughly after removed the behind hub.Coat the spindle through axle lubricant.2. CAUTION: The hub bearings must be prelubed before installation.Fill the hub cavity through 29.6 ml (1 oz) the SAE 75W-140 High Performance behind Axle Lubricant F1TZ-19580-B or tantamount meeting Ford specification WSL-M2C192-A.3. CAUTION: usage extreme care not to damage the hub seal by enabling it to contact the spindle throughout installation.Note: cloak the spindle and also hub seal inside diameter through SAE 75W-140 High Performance rear Axle Lubricant F1TZ-19580-B or equivalent meeting Ford specification WSL-M2C192-A.Note: installing the rear hub in this manner reasons the outer bearing come act together a pilot make the installation easier.Push the behind hub and also outer bearing top top the spindle together an assembly.Hold the external bearing seated and also use the bearing as a pilot.4. CAUTION: install a brand-new hub seed if the hub nut come apart throughout installation.CAUTION: Make certain the hub nut tab is situated in the keyway before thread engagement.Install the hub nut on the spindle.Turn the hub seed clockwise for right-hand object or counterclockwise because that left-hand thread.5. Position the Ford Axle Locknut Socket ~ above the hub nut.Refer to equivalent illustration. (shows 60 ft-Lb torque)6. CAUTION: Under no circumstances are power tools to be supplied when performing these operations.Note: The hub nut will certainly ratchet together torque is applied.Tighten the hub nut, rotating the rear hub occasionally while tightening.7. Change hub nuts as follows:* For new bearings, ratchet ago five this or notches (1/8 turn) on the hub nut. 5 notches have to be felt throughout this procedure in bespeak to have actually performed that correctly.* For used bearings, ratchet back seven this or notches (1/6 turn) top top the hub nut. 7 notches must be felt during this operation to have performed the correctly.

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8. Examine the axle obelisk O-ring seal because that cracks, nicks or wear and replace the if required.9. Install the axle shaft.10. Note: coat the object of the retaining bolts through Stud and also Bearing mount EOAZ-19554-BA or tantamount meeting Ford specification WSK-M2G349-A1.Install and tighten the retaining bolts until they seat.11. CAUTION: Remember, the last step of this procedure is come tighten the axle tower bolts to specification, ~ the wheel lug nuts have been tightened.Install the brake rotor and also caliper top top the solitary rear wheel axles.12. Install the wheels and also tires yet do no tighten the lug nuts to specification at this time.13. Check the axle lubricant level.14. Reduced the vehicle.15. Tighten the wheel lug nuts.16. Tighten the axle shaft retaining bolts. (Axle pillar bolts obtain 80 ft-lb.)You should have the ability to find the unique socket ~ above a number of tool sites.Hope the helps.
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