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Ford E250 SMB, revolve signals and also hazards space out.

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The hazards and turn signal on our 1993 E250 are not functioning. The lights do not illuminate and the lights on the dash(to let you know your signal is on) room not illuminating either.Any aid or concepts to begin troubleshooting?Thanks,BB
check her fuses....might have actually just blown and need come be changed or over there is a brief going on what that brought about them to blow. Try replacing first, if they go again, you"ve acquired a brief somewhere in the system. Have someone with a meter test between 2 points because that continuity come track wherein the short is.
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Please clarify: is it just your turn signals/hazards that don"t work, or the headlights, too? If simply the rotate signals, have you changed the flasher? I"d start there. Ns think newer E-vans have electronic flashers, yet I could be wrong. I have a 98 and it"s a relay-type, near the kick-panel fuse box on the driver"s side.Could also be the "multifunction switch" (the stalk top top the steering pillar that controls rotate signals, high beams, etc.). My rotate signals have actually been exhilaration weird lately and I haven"t completely engaged with troubleshooting yet, but I"m thinking it"s the switch. I"ve already replaced the flasher.See http://www.ford-trucks.com/forums/11535 ... Added.html
It"s only the turn signals/hazard. The headlights and brake lights room fine, as room the windshield wipers.Thoughts? I"ll most likely go grab the flasher today and see if that"s it.BB
The flasher is together a cheap thing to try, that i would certainly give the a shot. Like $12 or thereabouts. At the very least you can dominion that out, then, if the trouble persists.What year is her van?
The van is a 1993. I tried the brand-new flasher last night.....no improvement.Any other ideas? every the fuses are intact.Thanks all!BB
I"ve had actually a couple of different wires some loosened behind the dash on my 2009 E250. Unfortunately ns can"t present pictures since they were repaired through the dealer under warranty.I was told that the wires had actually pulled loosened right in ~ a connector and also had to be pushed ago in.
Would tilting the wheel make a connection issue? girlfriend might try moving the to watch if the does anything.
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The "multi-function switch" (aka rotate signal stalk) is pretty well known for walk out. This is one part where you"re far better off v a Napa Echlin replacement instead of a Ford replacement. Any kind of fleet with older Fords will certainly probably have actually boxes of poor switches. Unfortunately the diagnostics procedure for experimentation it is "replace through known an excellent part".BTW - space you sure you checked the best fuses? The people under the hood only do trailer lights. The ones under the dash do the van lights.
The "multi-function switch" (aka revolve signal stalk) is pretty well known for going out. This is one part where you"re better off through a Napa Echlin replacement instead of a Ford replacement. Any type of fleet v older Fords will probably have boxes of negative switches. Regrettably the diagnostics procedure for experimentation it is "replace with known good part".BTW - are you certain you confirm the right fuses? The ones under the hood just do trailer lights. The ones under the dash carry out the valve lights.
carringb, thanks for the note on the Napa part for the switch. Ns was just going come order a Ford one to replace mine.
BrianBlair, check out my earlier post for a link to a how-to on instead of this switch. Doesn"t watch too tough to do. I"m more than likely going to do mine this weekend if i can discover the time.

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