Ford E-250 (2009 – 2015) – fuse crate diagram

Year the production: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Power circulation Box

The power circulation box is located in the engine compartment. It has actually high-current fuses that safeguard your vehicle’s main electrical systems from overloads.

Ford E-250 – fuse crate diagram – power circulation box
AProtected Circuits
1Powertrain manage module
2Starter solenoid
4Trailer tow battery charge
5Fuel pump
6Trailer tow park lamp
7Auxiliary switch #4
8Auxiliary move #3
9Modified vehicle and stripped chassis run/start
10IDM relay (Diesel engine only)
11Not used
1240Modified vehicle and also stripped chassis run/start
1330Starter solenoid relay
1440Run start relay
1540Modified vehicle and also stripped chassis battery
1650Auxiliary air air conditioning blower
1750Trailer tow battery charge, Trailer tow park feed
1830Electric trailer brake, Trailer brake controller
1930Auxiliary switch #1
2030Auxiliary move #2
2150IDM relay (diesel engine only)
22Not used
23Air air conditioning clutch
24Horn relay (stripped chassis)
26Not used
27Not used
2820Back-up lamp
2910Air air conditioning clutch
3010Brake on/off switch
3110Cluster battery (stripped chassis)
3250Blower motor
3340Anti-lock brake mechanism pump
3420Stripped chassis horn
3540Powertrain regulate module relay
3620Ignition switch (stripped chassis)
37Trailer tow avoid — left revolve signal
38Trailer tow avoid — appropriate turn signal
39Back up lamp
40Blower motor
4110Charging (diesel engine only)
4215Diagnostic connector (stripped chassis)
4320Fuel pump
4410Auxiliary move #3
4515Auxiliary move #4
4610Powertrain manage module keep alive power, Canister vent, Powertrain regulate module relay coil
4740Anti-lock brake mechanism coil
4820Trailer tow protect against lamp/turn signal
4930Wiper motor
50Not used
5210Stripped chassis and also modified automobile run/start relay coil
5310Anti-lock brake system run/start feed
5410Fuel pump relay coil
5510ECM (diesel engine only)
5620DFCM (diesel engine only)
5720Trailer tow park lamp
5815Trailer tow back-up lamp
59Not used
60One Touch combined Start (OTIS) (diode)
61Auxiliary battery (diode)
62Auxiliary move #2
6330Trailer tow battery charge
64Not used
6520Power suggest 2 (glove box)
6620Power allude 3 (cutaway B+)
6720Power point 1 (instrument panel)
6850Modified vehicle
69Not used
7030Stripped chassis
71Not used
7220Cigar lighter / strength point
73Not used
7430Power seat
7520Vehicle power 1, Powertrain regulate module power
7620Vehicle strength 2, Powertrain manage module – emission associated powertrain components
7710Vehicle power 3, Powertrain control module – basic powertrain components
7815Vehicle strength 4, Fuel pump relay coil
7910Vehicle power 5, Transmission
8010Cluster run/start (stripped chassis)
83Fuel pump (diode)
85Auxiliary move #1

Passenger compartment fuse box

The fuse dashboard is located to the left the the brake pedal and placed onto the lower left cowl panel.

Ford E-250 – fuse crate diagram – passenger compartment
AProtected components
130Inverter B+
215Not offered (spare)
315Not used (spare)
430Not supplied (spare)
510Passenger compartment fuse panel, Brake-shift interlock
620Turn signal, Hazard, stop lamps
710Left low beam
810Right short beam
915Courtesy lamps
1015Switch illumination
1110Not supplied (spare)
127.5Not provided (spare)
1410SYNC, an international positioning device module
1510Not supplied (spare)
1615Not used (spare)
1720Door locks
1820Not supplied (spare)
1925Not provided (spare)
2015Diagnostic connector (except stripped chassis)
2115Not supplied (spare)
2215Park lamps, license plate lamps
2315High beams
2420Horn (except stripped chassis)
2510Demand lighting
2610Cluster (except stripped chassis)
2720Ignition switch feed
285Audio mute (start)
295Cluster (except stripped chassis)
305Not provided (spare)
3110Not used (spare)
3210Restraints module
3310Trailer brake controller
345Not supplied (spare)
3510Cutaway run/start
365Passive anti-theft device radio frequency module
3710Climate control, Stripped chassis instrument panel #1 run/start
3820Not supplied (spare)
4020Not used (spare)
4115Radio, move illumination, automatic dimming rear see mirror, Inverter
4210Auxiliary switch
4310Stripped chassis instrument dashboard connector #1
4410Trailer tow battery charge relay
455Wipers, Stripped chassis Engine connector 3
467.5Passenger airbag deactivation indicator
4730Windows accessory delay
48Delayed accessory

WARNING: Terminal and also harness assignments because that individual connectors will vary depending on vehicle equipment level, model, and also market.

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