Flo and Kay Lyman fatality – did FLO and KAy Lyman Die? are they tho Living? – Yes, the rainman twins are alive and not died

From the moment they were born, Flo and also Kay Lyman to be unlike any sisters on planet earth.

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Thought to be mentally retarded, they were tormen.

They are the world’s just female autistic savant twins.


Savantism is a rare problem in i m sorry sufferers the developmental disorders, frequently autism, are qualified of action of genius that far outstrip their meant levels of ability.

In Flo and Kay’s case, they each have actually extraordinary memories for facts and dates.

Among their countless special talents is an capability to compute the job of the week for any kind of date – past or future. For any kind of given work of your lives, they deserve to remember what the weather was like and even what they had for breakfast.

Flo and Kay Lyman fatality true or false


According come psychologist Dr David Holmes, Flo and also Kay’s well ordered mental are likewise reflected in their well notified lives. The an ext that castle can produce order, the an ext secure they feel, the says.

At 52 years of age, the twins room bubbly and sociable. They space passionate about music, reap going come gigs and love to laugh. This method that they do not to the right the standard stereotype the autism sufferers.

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