Given listed below is the flight time indigenous Miami, United claims to Cartagena, Colombia. Flight time calculator to calculate time taken to reach Cartagena from Miami by air. The nearest airport to Miami is Miami international Airport (MIA) and the nearest airport come Cartagena is Rafael Nunez airport (CTG)

Flight time native Miami to Cartagena is 2 hrs 46 minutes

Non-Stop flight duration native MIA to CTG is 2 hrs 46 minutes (Operated through American Airlines)

Non-stop flight time is about 3 hrs .

Quickest one-stop flight takes close come 6 hours.

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However, some airlines could take as long as 28 hours based on the stopover destination and also waiting duration.

Non-stop flight time from United claims (MIA) come Colombia (CTG) by various airlines

Flights departing from Miami arrive at Rafael Nunez Airport, which is a medium size airport offer Cartagena.

MIA ➝ CTG 2 hrs 46 minutes
American airline
MIA ➝ CTG 2 hrs 46 minutes
US prayer
MIA ➝ CTG 2 hrs 46 minutesAvianca - Aerovias Nacionales de Colombia
MIA ➝ CTG 2 hrs 46 minutes
Delta air Lines
MIA ➝ CTG 2 hours 46 minutes
United airlines

Number that Airports in Cartagena :1 tool Airport variety of Airports in Miami :1 worldwide Airport

Distance in between Miami, United says & Cartagena, Colombia is 1780 Kilo Meters

Flight time indigenous Miami come Cartagena via Bogota • MIA to CTG via BOG

Flight duration native Miami worldwide Airport to Rafael Nunez airplane via Eldorado worldwide Airport, Colombia ~ above Avianca - Aerovias Nacionales de Colombia trip is 8 hrs 44 minutes

MIA come BOG3 hrs 39 mins BOGWaiting Time3 hrs 34 mins BOG come CTG1 hr 31 mins Total Duration:8 hrs 44 mins

Flight time from Miami to Cartagena via Panama City • MIA come CTG via PTY

Flight duration from Miami worldwide Airport to Rafael Nunez airport via Tocumen worldwide Airport, Panama on Copa Airlines flight is 25 hrs 49 minute

MIA to PTY3 hrs 12 mins PTYWaiting Time21 hrs 27 mins PTY come CTG1 hr 10 mins Total Duration:25 hrs 49 mins

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Flight time from Miami, United claims to airports near Cartagena, Colombia

Direct flight and one stop flight time from Miami worldwide Airport, Miami come airports nearest come Cartagena is provided in the table below

JourneyDestination AirportsDurationStops
MIA - BAQBarranquilla, E Cortissoz airport 2 hrs 43 mins Non-Stop

Airlines operating flights in between Miami and also Cartagena

Time in Miami and Cartagena space the same

Current time in Miami, United says : Wed, 17 Nov, 2021,Miami Timezone: EST (-05:00)

11:49 pm

Current time in Cartagena, Colombia :, Wed, 17 Nov, 2021,Cartagena Timezone: -05 (-05:00)

11:49 afternoon

Flight Time between Miami & Cartagena • MIA - CTG flight Duration

How lengthy is the flight from Miami to Cartagena? What is the Miami - Cartagena flight duration? What is the paris time indigenous Miami come Cartagena? find answer to these questions...

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MIA come CTG flight - Miami Airport to Cartagena Airport trip Route Map

The airports map below shows the place of Miami airport & Cartagena Airport. Understand the trip direction and Miami come Cartagena trip path

Miami - Lat: 25.7965, Long: -80.2756 Cartagena - Lat: 10.4464, Long: -75.5149

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