The Lincoln Memorial represents the 16th president’s Kentucky roots. An iconic spot in the park, the memorial is a ar to rest, come learn, and to celebrate.

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Dedicated in the summer that 2009, the Lincoln Memorial at Waterfront Park was component of the bicentennial celebration event of Lincoln’s birth. The commonwealth of Kentucky, the family members of bother S. Frazier, Jr., and also the Kentucky historic Society/Kentucky Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission funded the memorial and selected nationally famous Louisville artist Ed Hamilton to create both the Lincoln statue and the bas reliefs. Read much more about artist Ed Hamilton.

The memorial features a 12-foot statue the Lincoln seated on a rock, looking the end over the river. Four bas-reliefs (a kind of sculpture sculpted from flat surrounding stone) highlight Lincoln’s ties come Kentucky. The memorial site, design by landscape architects Hargreaves Associates, functions an amphitheater dealing with the river with granite seating that includes engravings the four renowned Lincoln quotes. The canopy of tree that bring about the amphitheater consists of several species that the were favorites of Lincoln.



Scene One: Lincoln’s developmental Years in Kentucky

Abraham Lincoln, born February 12, 1809, close to Hodgenville, Kentucky, was the very first president that the United claims from outside the initial thirteen colonies. Lessons learned indigenous his beforehand years ~ above the Kentucky frontier certainly shaped ours 16th President.

Scene Two: Lincoln’s Kentucky Connections

Even after moving to Springfield, Illinois in 1837, Lincoln often turned to other Kentuckians, for guidance and also support as a lawyer, politician, and also president. He married Kentuckian mary Todd Lincoln, his closest friend was Louisville-native Joshua fried food Speed, and also he sought politics advice indigenous the good Lexington statesmen Henry Clay.

Scene Three: A House separated

In his famed speech the June 16, 1858, senatorial candidate Abraham Lincoln invoked the biblical injunction, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” once the Civil war erupted, chairman Lincoln’s family became a home divided; most of mar Lincoln’s loved ones in Lexington sustained the Confederacy.

Scene Four: Slavery and Emancipation

On January 1, 1863, Lincoln approve the Emancipation Proclamation, releasing all enslaved people in the Confederacy. A year later, Lincoln endorsed the 13th Amendment, which, as soon as ratified in late 1865, abolished slavery in the unified States. Portrayed here room life-sized figures of enslaved africans boarding a riverboat. The wrist shackles in the relief to be molded indigenous a pair supplied in the antebellum era.

For much more information top top Lincoln’s ties come Kentucky, visit the Kentucky Lincoln legacy Trail.

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Download the visitor’s overview and activities book. The guide gives background information around the memorial, artist, and site designer. A perform of activities encourages travellers to dig deeper into Lincoln’s stories and his ties come Louisville and Kentucky. A two-page complement is likewise available.

The Lincoln Memorial at Waterfront Park is part of the Kentucky Lincoln heritage Trail.


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