******************************************************************************NEW GEM class (PERFECT and DIVINE)******************************************************************************Alright, because that those of you who have played the last 2 installments of Fate, you should be acquainted with the three original gem classes: Cracked, *Standard*, and also Superior. (For those wondering, *Standard* is my means of introduce to the gems that don"t have a course name, choose Cracked or Superior, e.g. Cracked Ruby, Ruby, remarkable Ruby) However, in Fate: The Traitor Soul, there are two new classes: Perfect and also Divine. There yes, really isn"t anything supervisor special about the Perfect class, however the Divine course is practically a whole new category.Think around it this way, you recognize of the Artifact/Unique Gemstones, such as the secret of the Master, and how it"s highlighted in yellow in her inventory? Also, girlfriend know just how the conventional gemstones such together Peridot room highlighted in pink? Well, the Perfect-class gems space the same as the Cracked, *Standard*, and Superior gems, highlighted v pink. However, the Divine-class gems are highlighted with yellow, signifying the they are in truth the most powerful classes the gemstones, and are classified together Artifacts.So, in "Layman"s Terms," the Divine-class gems are considered Artifacts, andtherefore are rather rare and pretty dang difficult to find. Do sense? Good, now follow along!*NOTE* It"s miscellaneous kinda interesting to note, the there are just 68 gemsin the initial Fate and Fate: Undiscovered Realms, yet there space 148 gems inthis game! In the very first two games, there are 15 traditional gems, with threedifferent classes, and 23 unique gems. 15*3=45 45+23=68 In the third game,there room 25 traditional gems, and also the same 23 distinctive gems. Counting in the twoadditional classes, and also you get: 25*5=125 125+23=148******************************************************************************RETURNING gems (WITH brand-new CLASS STATS as WELL)******************************************************************************These Gems are the originals, indigenous Fate and Fate: Undiscovered Realms.However, I"m including the brand-new class stats as well.Amethyst, Cracked: +2 HP RecoveryAmethyst: +6 HP RecoveryAmethyst, Superior: +10 HP RecoveryAmethyst, Perfect: +14 HP RecoveryAmethyst, Divine: +18 HP RecoveryBloodstone, Cracked: +2 damage DealtBloodstone +6 damages DealtBloodstone, Superior: +10 damages DealtBloodstone, Perfect: +14 damages DealtBloodstone, Divine: +18 damage DealtJade, Cracked: +5% attack SpeedJade: +10% attack SpeedJade, Superior: +15% assault SpeedJade, Perfect: +20% assault SpeedJade, Divine: +25% assault SpeedLapis, Cracked: +3% Faster spreading SpeedLapis: +7% Faster casting SpeedLapis, Superior: +10% Faster casting SpeedLapis, Perfect: +15% Faster spreading SpeedLapis, Divine: +20% Faster casting SpeedObsidian, Cracked: +1 KnockbackObsidian: +2 KnockbackObsidian, Superior: +4 KnockbackObsidian, Perfect: +6 KnockbackObsidian, Divine: +7 KnockbackOpal, Cracked: +8 ice cream Resistance, +2 ice DamageOpal: +24 ice Resistance, +6 ice DamageOpal, Superior: +40 ice Resistance, +10 ice cream DamageOpal, Perfect: +56 ice cream Resistance, +14 ice cream DamageOpal, Divine: +72 ice Resistance, +18 ice DamagePeridot, Cracked: +1% Life StolenPeridot: +3% Life StolenPeridot, Superior: +6% Life StolenPeridot, Perfect: +9% Life StolenPeridot, Divine: +12% Life StolenRuby, Cracked: +8 Fire Resistance, +2 Fire DamageRuby: +24 Fire Resistance, +6 Fire DamageRuby, Superior: +40 Fire Resistance, +10 Fire DamageRuby, Perfect: +56 Fire Resistance, +14 Fire DamageRuby, Divine: +72 Fire Resistance, +18 Fire DamageSapphire, Cracked: +2 Mana RecoverySapphire: +6 Mana RecoverySapphire, Superior: +10 Mana RecoverySapphire, Perfect: +14 Mana RecoverySapphire, Divine: +18 Mana RecoverySunstone, Cracked: +8 Fire Resistance, +2 Undead DamageSunstone: +24 Fire Resistance, +6 Undead DamageSunstone, Superior: +40 Fire Resistance, +10 Undead DamageSunstone, Perfect: +56 Fire Resistance, +14 Undead DamageSunstone, Divine: +72 Fire Resistance, +18 Undead DamageTanzanite, Cracked: +2 StaminaTanzanite: +6 StaminaTanzanite, Superior: +10 StaminaTanzanite, Perfect: +14 StaminaTanzanite, Divine: +18 StaminaTopaz, Cracked: +2% AttackTopaz: +6% AttackTopaz, Superior: +10% AttackTopaz, Perfect: +14% AttackTopaz, Divine: +18% AttackTourmaline, Cracked: +3% damage ReflectionTourmaline: +6% damages ReflectionTourmaline, Superior: +10% damage ReflectionTourmaline, Perfect: +15% damage ReflectionTourmaline, Divine: +20% damages ReflectionTurquoise, Cracked: +8 electric Resistance, +2 electric DamageTurquoise: +24 electric Resistance, +6 electric DamageTurquoise, Superior: +40 electrical Resistance, +10 electrical DamageTurquoise, Perfect: +56 electrical Resistance, +14 electric DamageTurquoise, Divine: +72 electric Resistance, +18 electric DamageZircon, Cracked: +5% discover Magical ItemZircon: +10% find Magical ItemZircon, Superior: +15% discover Magical ItemZircon, Perfect: +20% find Magical ItemZircon, Divine: +25% find Magical Item******************************************************************************UNIQUE GEMS******************************************************************************These gems are their very own class, the distinct Class.Adamantine Bauble:+12% Crushing Resistance Bonus+7% damages Taken Resistance BonusAndrew Swift"s Turquoise Eye:+10% movement Speed Bonus+20% electrical Resistance BonusAngel Heart:+12% Life Bonus+4 HP restore Bonus-10 assault PenaltyAvaricious Pearl:+20% much more Gold to reduce Bonus+40% opportunity of detect Magical items BonusBeast Heart:+12% strike Bonus+2 HP recovery Bonus+5% vital BonusCovetous Heart:+12% recognize Magic items Bonus+5% diminished Item demands BonusThe Daystar:+48 Fire Resistance+12 damage to Undead Bonus-3 Mana drain Penalty+3 KnockbackDemonocchio:+7% Life Stolen per Hit Bonus+7 attack Magic ability BonusDwarf"s Delight:+25% much more Gold to reduce By adversaries Bonus+6 Hammer skill BonusEmpire Stone:+5% strength Bonus+5% Dexterity Bonus+5% Vitality BonusEye that the Serpent:+12% Mana Stolen every Hit Bonus+10% Mana recover Bonus+5% activity Speed PenaltyFist that Samson:+7% damages Dealt Bonus+10 toughness Bonus-10 Magic PenaltyGem the Ages:+30% Fire Resistance Bonus+30% ice cream Resistance BonusGem the False Hopes:No Enchantments!Hadrian’s Crystal:+20 attack Bonus+5 Polearm skill Bonus+5 damages Taken diminished BonusPhilosopher’s Stone:+5 Magic Bonus+5% Mana Bonus+5% Stamina PenaltySalt the the Earth:+30% electric Resistance Bonus+5 Vitality BonusSecret the the Master:+5 Dual-Wielding ability Bonus+7% attack Bonus+3 Defense PenaltyStar Sapphire that Ages:+9 Mana restore Bonus+5 Defense Magic ability BonusTrickster"s Bauble:+9% assault Speed+9% damages Reflected to enemy BonusWatcher the the Stars:+7% boosted Chance that Block Bonus+5 Defence Magic skill BonusWicked Edge:+7 Axe skill Bonus+10% damages Dealt Bonus+10% Life PenaltyWinter’s Moon:+9% Mana Bonus+5 Charm Magic Bonus******************************************************************************NEW GEMS******************************************************************************These gems are brand-new to Fate: The Traitor Soul. I"d need to say that some of these gems to be wished because that by vault Fate Players, since of what they do,such together the Malachite. Well, I understand that I want the Malachite, ^O^Agate, Cracked: +1% to every ResistancesAgate: +2% to all ResistancesAgate, Superior: +3% to every ResistancesAgate, Perfect: +4% to all ResistancesAgate, Divine: +5% to all ResistancesAmber, Cracked: +2 HPAmber: +6 HPAmber, Superior: +10 HPAmber, Perfect: +14 HPAmber, Divine: +18 HPAquamarine, Cracked: +1% StrengthAquamarine: +3% StrengthAquamarine, Superior: +6% StrengthAquamarine, Perfect: +9% StrengthAquamarine, Divine: +12% StrengthDiamond, Cracked: +1 to all SkillsDiamond: +2 to every SkillsDiamond, Superior: +3 to every SkillsDiamond, Perfect: +4 to every SkillsDiamond, Divine: +5 to all SkillsEmerald, Cracked: +5% opportunity to PoisonEmerald: +10% chance to PoisonEmerald, Superior: +15% opportunity to PoisonEmerald, Perfect: +20% chance to PoisonEmerald, Divine: +25% opportunity to PoisonGarnet, Cracked: +1% VitalityGarnet: +3% VitalityGarnet, Superior: +6% VitalityGarnet, Perfect: +9% VitalityGarnet, Divine: +12% VitalityMalachite, Cracked: +2 Stamina RechargeMalachite: +6 Stamina RechargeMalachite, Superior: +10 Stamina RechargeMalachite, Perfect: +14 Stamina RechargeMalachite, Divine: +18 Stamina RechargeMoonstone, Cracked: +2 ManaMoonstone: +6 ManaMoonstone, Superior: +10 ManaMoonstone, Perfect: +14 ManaMoonstone, Divine: +18 ManaPearl, Cracked: +1% DexterityPearl: +3% DexterityPearl, Superior: +6% DexterityPearl, Perfect: +9% DexterityPearl, Divine: +12% DexterityRhodonite, Cracked: +1% lessened Item RequirementsRhodonite: +2% lessened Item RequirementsRhodonite, Superior: +3% reduced Item RequirementsRhodonite, Perfect: +4% diminished Item RequirementsRhodonite, Divine: +5% diminished Item Requirements******************************************************************************CONCLUSION******************************************************************************Well, I"d say that my job-related is done here, because that now.

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Ns have detailed every singlegem feasible in the game, in every single class, v every single statupgrade. I would like to send out thanks to MrGruntok (Mike Walter) for thelayout, together I did mimic the layout that his Gem overview for the initial Fate game.If friend have any type of questions, feel cost-free to email me in ~ gods_warrior12007