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The key irony is component I of beam Bradbury"s science fiction novel Fahrenheit 451 lies in the premise. The opening sentence the Bradbury"s novel reads: "IT was A satisfied TO BURN." the the leader will shortly be introduced to the story"s protagonist , male Montag, and Montag"s profession, firefighter,...

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The main irony is part I of beam Bradbury"s scientific research fiction novel Fahrenheit 451 lies in the premise. The opening sentence the Bradbury"s novel reads: "IT to be A satisfied TO BURN." that the reader will shortly be presented to the story"s protagonist, male Montag, and also Montag"s profession, firefighter, is supremely ironic. That opened sentence is immediately followed through this passage:

"IT was a one-of-a-kind pleasure come see things eaten, come see things blackened and also changed. Through the brass nozzle in his fists, with this an excellent python spitting its awful kerosene upon the world, the blood pounded in his head, and his hands to be the hand of some exceptional conductor play all the symphonies that blazing and burning to bring down the tatters and also charcoal damages of history."

We still execute not yet know the precise meaning of this descriptions. Bradbury"s opening suggests the ravings of a pyromaniac, a deranged psychopath versus whom brave firefighters will have to contend. That these thoughts space the product that the mental of a firefighter, and of his colleagues, and also that these thoughts will certainly be revealed as official government policy, lends Fahrenheit 451 one irony that places his novel amongst the most crucial in the history of the genre.

Another little of irony involves Montag"s new friend, Clarisse McClellan, the seventeen-year-old teenager who befriends him and also who will concerned represent a home window through i m sorry Montag can begin to watch an alternative and infinitely more humane reality. At an early stage in component I, once Clarisse introduces herself to Montag, and also noting his profession, she states, "So many civilization are. Fear of firemen, i mean. However you"re simply a man, after all..." That people should be "afraid that firemen" is one more example the irony, as world the world-over combine firemen in very positive light. The is the fire department to which we turn as soon as our lives and possessions room threatened by fire. In Bradbury"s novel, together noted, the world has been rotate upside under by one autocratic regime that fear the civilization over whom it rules, through books and also the understanding they contain the greatest threat to regime stability.