Premiered February 9, 2006."I wish somebody would provide me a Valentine"s Day card that says something besides "I hate you.""-ChrisThe time is February 1983 in Brooklyn and Valentine"s job is promptly approaching. The holiday is a large deal for everyone at school...except for kris (Tyler James Williams) and also his girlfriend Greg (Vincent Martella).

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This is in stark contrast to Chris" younger siblings. His brother drew (Tequan Richmond) has actually multiple girls offering him Valentines and calling him at home. This annoys their mother Rochelle (Tichina Arnold). She says attracted needs come tell the "fast small girls" to protect against calling your house.

Chris’s sister Tonya has actually a friend (Imani Hakim). This enrages their father Julius (Terry Crews), due to the fact that he’s overprotective about his daughter.

He go Tonya come school, meets she boyfriend and also puts the are afraid of God in him to stay away indigenous Tonya. This provides the poor little boy cry.

Chris" romantic prospects enhance when he establishes a like on a girl named Tangee Brown (Raven Goodwin), that rides the same bus. Unfortunately, Tangee has a boyfriend called Clyde (Daniel E. Smith) that treats her badly. As soon as Clyde manhandles Tangee, chris intervenes and offers Tangee his seat.
Since nobody has ever looked out for her prefer that before, Tangee provides Chris a Valentine. Chris doesn"t mind that it was originally intended because that Clyde.
I to be a fan of Everybody hates Chris during its run and also this is one enjoyable vacation episode. It wouldn’t be a big to contact it one anti-Valentine’s day episode since very couple of of the principal personalities actually acquire to celebrate the occasion v their “Valentine.” This episode sort of reminds me the the finishing of be My Valentine, Charlie Brown.
At the exact same time, Caruso keeps leave hateful Valentine cards in Chris’ locker (one tells kris to "Please go earlier to Africa and also take your mother with you”). I’m sure Chris absent got comparable notes slipped in his locker in actual life. Rock, in his narration states "even though i didn"t choose Caruso, ns didn"t think he deserved to it is in cursed out by mine mother." This viewer thinks Caruso deserved much worse than that.
“Everybody hates Valentine’s Day” attributes a an excellent critique of the double-standards that boys and girls confront in relationships. Julius is furious when he to learn Tanya has a “boyfriend,” however joyous when he hears that drew has several girls chasing him.
Rochelle feels exactly the opposite around her children’s “romances” and does everything she can to save girls far from Drew. I’m hope that children who watched this took the episode’s article to heart.
If you’re not acquainted with Everybody no Chris, you have the right to still gain this episode. I recommend "Everybody hates Valentine’s Day" to anyone who’s had a less-than-perfect endure on February 14.

The comedy of dealing with crushes roughly Valentine’s work is relatable, as is parental consternation at their progeny showing proof of cultivation up.
Julius and Rochelle’s corresponding concern around other people’s Valentine interest in Tonya and also Drew is both touching and ironic. Together J.A. Morris states above, there is a fair amount of room because that satire concerning the double standards dealing with boys and girls in relationships and “Everybody no Valentine’s Day” mines this well-off vein of comedy adeptly. It is interesting to note that 11 year old drew has grown females inappropriately chasing after him because that the holiday, while 10 year old Tonya has actually her overprotective dad inappropriately intervening with her small “boyfriend”.
I really wish Caruso had gotten an ext of a comeuppance because that his racism bullying of kris in this episode. It to be nice the a teacher noticed and tried (unsuccessfully) to give Chris a card, however I great we"d seen a more forceful intervention. (Perhaps that’s no a reality expectation for a show collection in the at an early stage 1980s though?)
As with quite a couple of other Valentine’s day TV episodes, fixed anyone actually gets what castle really desire for the vacation (with maybe the exemption of Julius and Rochelle enjoy it the extra candy).

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“Everybody no Valentines Day” is an exciting comedic take on the holiday and is recommended.
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