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Timmy from Mukilteo, Waactually i observed them in concert, and also isaac said that it was devoted to his mother, and also how his grand did terrible things. The an initial verse basically says that he was wait for a son, and also when he never gained one, he simply left. For this reason thats more than likely what that about.see more comments
Yellow LedbetterPearl Jam

Eddie Vedder often alters the words when he sings "Yellow Ledbetter." The straightforward story is around a guy whose brother dies in the first Gulf War. Apparently, negative news in the military is given in yellow envelopes.

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stunner KidsKesha

"Crazy Kids"" lyrics were influenced by a date of birth party the Ke$ha"s, which she defined as, "one stunner night."

supervisor FreakRick James

The Temptations sang backup on "Super Freak" by rick James. The mentions castle in the song once he says, "Temptations, sing!"

slow HandThe reminder Sisters

"Slow Hand" to be a #1 nation hit for Conway Twitty in 1982, a year after ~ The tip Sisters tape-recorded it.

ThrillerMichael Jackson

Vincent Price walk the spooky narration ~ above "Thriller." He was paid a level fee that $20,000, transforming down a percentage of the royalties the would have paid him much more.

One way Or AnotherBlondie

"One means Or Another" is based upon a stalker that creeped the end Blondie lead singer Debbie Harry.

just how The Beatles crafted Killer ChorusesSong creating

The writer of Help! 100 Songwriting, Recording and also Career Tips supplied By The Beatles, explains how the team crafted your choruses so effectively.

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Dean Friedman - "Ariel"They"re play My song

Dean"s saga began with "Ariel," a song around falling in love through a Jewish girl from brand-new Jersey.

Judas PriestSongwriter Interviews

Rob Halford, Richie Faulkner and Glenn Tipton talk twin etc harmonies and explain exactly how they produce songs in Judas Priest.

Graham Bonnet (Alcatrazz, Rainbow)Songwriter Interviews

Yngwie Malmsteen and also Steve Vai were 2 of Graham"s co-writers for some "80s absent classics.

David GraySongwriter Interviews

David Gray defines the meaning of the word "Babylon," and talks about how songs are a form of active imagination, v lyrics that reveal what"s inside us.

Michael SchenkerSongwriter Interviews

The Scorpions and UFO guitarist is also a really prolific songwriter - he explains how he writes with his various groups, and why he was so keen to get out the Germany and into England.