2. ___ is the chemical reaction of metals with water or atmospheric elements that outcomes in a gradual wearing away of the metal.

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7. An atom of carbon who mass number is 14 different from one atom of carbon who mass number is 12 in that it has
8. Atom of the same element may have different numbers of neutron in your nuclei, causing the ___ the the atoms to it is in different.
13. To fill in a chart making use of the details given. (Very comparable to atomic number, massive number, proton number, neutron number, and electron number worksheet.) create down just how to calculate each of this numbers for credit. (6)
Protium: Mass# 1 Atomic#1 Proton#1 Neutron#0 Deuterium: Mass# 2 Atomic# 1 Proton# 1 Neutron# 3 Tritium: Mass# 3 Atomic# 1 Proton#1 Neutron# 3
15. Identify and also describe the three isotopes of hydrogen: fixed number, atomic number, proton number and also neutron number. (15)
proton- nucleus, 1amu, hopeful Neutron- nucleus, +1amu, no fee Electron- orbiting nucleus, 1/1836 amu, negative
18. In a table, list the three main subatomic particles. Show the location, charge and also mass the each. (9)
21. In stars, matter exists in the ___ state, i m sorry is a gas-like mixture of cost-free electrons and atoms stripped of your electrons.
28. The median of the masses of every the atom in a sample that an element is referred to as the ___ the the element.
34. The modern-day periodic law states the the physical and chemical properties of elements are periodic attributes of their
37. The variety of electrons in the outermost power level of one atom that an facet determines the ___ number of the element.

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43. Surname the scientist that inferred the an atom"s positive charge must be clustered in the nucleus.