If you start your morning with a hearty breakfast, she in great company. Plenty of of the greatest politicians, artists, and also scientists from history were fueled by the most necessary meal the the day. And also as you deserve to see native the list below, their tastes were far from boring.

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1. Victor Hugo // life Eggs and also Cold Coffee

Henry Guttmann Collection/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

During his year living in exile top top the island the Guernsey, Victor Hugo discovered inspiration for few of his most influential novels, including Les Misérables. The French author embraced a consistent writing regimen while residing on the island. ~ waking up at sunrise, Hugo would certainly slurp under a breakfast of two raw eggs and a cold cup the coffee prior to getting come work.

2. Mahatma Gandhi // Porridge, Cocoa, and Goat"s Milk

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While Gandhi is most well known for fasting for long quantities of time, as soon as he was living in London—several years before he started fasting—the civil legal rights leader began his day with a well-balanced meal. According to his newspaper he appreciated a an easy breakfast the porridge, goat"s milk, and cocoa.

3. Albert Einstein // Fried Eggs, Honey, and Mushrooms

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One the the most brilliant minds in history was sustained by a steady diet of eggs. In the publication Einstein at Home, the physicist’s live-in housekeeper Herta Waldow recalled that "Herr Professor constantly ate fried eggs, at the very least two," virtually every morning. At breakfast Einstein additionally enjoyed mushrooms ("He would more than likely have eaten mushrooms 3 times a day," according to Waldow) and also honey. The last was ceded to that by the pailful.

4. Walt Whitman // Oysters and Red Meat

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Walt Whitman was notorious for indulging in a meat-heavy diet transparent his lifetime. Even first thing in the morning, the American poet was known to gain a protein-rich enjoy the meal of oysters and red meat. This was before the Paleo diet, once Whitman"s belief that rare beef was a health food capable of curing pimples was much from mainstream. His dietary habits were a point of problem for his writer friend man Burroughs, and in 1885 he composed Whitman, saying:

“I to be almost specific you eat as well heartily and make too much blood and also fat. <…> If not the engine renders too much steam, things become clogged and also congested and also the whole economy of the device deranged.”

Burroughs encourage he border his meat intake come a tiny bit once a day and replace his fat breakfast with cereals and also fruit. Follow to the biography Walt Whitman: song of Himself, the writer mostly shrugged turn off his friend"s advice.

5. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart // half a Capon

Barbara Kraft, Wikimedia Commons // windy Domain

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart additionally had no trouble packing protein right into his diet. Several of his favorite foods items to eat had sturgeon, pork cutlets, and a Flemish beer-and-beef stew. The composer"s carnivorous tendencies brought over right into breakfast: In one letter come his wife, he wrote around having "just enjoying completely my half of a capon which girlfriend Primus has brought earlier with him" after waking increase from a restful night’s sleep. Capons are hard to come through nowadays, but the large, neutered roosters were once considered a luxurious delicacy.

6. Winston Churchill // Eggs, Meat, Grapefruit, and Toast

British element minister sir Winston Churchill taken the importance of a filling breakfast. He requested his morning meal to be served to him on 2 trays: one through toast, jam, butter, coffee, milk, a poached egg, and cold chicken (or other meats), and another with grapefruit, a sugar bowl, a glass the orange squash, and also a whiskey soda. That punctuated the feast v a morning cigar.

7. Jane Austen // pound Cake and also Tea

Jane Austen began breakfast in ~ a fairly later time than plenty of of her an imaginative counterparts, wait until approximately 10 a.m. Come eat. The writer’s breakfast of choice was a moist, dense pound cake offered with tea.

8. Claude Monet // Omelette aux Fines Herbes

Claude Monet’s appreciation for the finer points was obvious in his diet. The painter flourished his own produce, planned menus v the seasons, and also kept food journals documenting his culinary habits. Prior to diving into his daily painting, Monet would certainly sit down for very early breakfast the sausage, toast, jam, one herb omelet, and also tea.

9. Queen Elizabeth i // Pottage, Ale, and Bread

Queen Elizabeth I started her days through a enjoy the meal worthy of her imperial title. Because that breakfast, the king ate good bread, ale, and a pottage (or stew) make from meat like beef or mutton cooked with grains. The food was generally flavored through succory, one herb that tastes choose dandelions.

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10. Cutting board Edison // to apologize Dumplings

Thomas Edison discovered his favourite breakfast food shortly after moving to new York. Broke and also hungry, the 22-year-old wandered right into a restaurant downtown looking to exchange a packet the tea because that a warm apple dumpling and also a cup of coffee. The humble enjoy the meal was so satisfying come him at the moment that it ended up being his lifelong favorite dish.