Ed Bruce, the singer and also songwriter who gained his start throughout the Sun records rockabilly era and went on to write or record a lengthy string of country chart-makers, died of natural reasons today in Clarksville, Tennessee. Bruce, that sidelined as an gibbs on together TV series as James Garner’s 1981 Maverick sequel and also 1980’s The Chisholms, was 81.

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His fatality was announced through publicist Jeremy Westby.

A cowriter that the country classic “Mamas Don’t Let her Babies grow Up to it is in Cowboys,” Bruce was only 17 once he worked as a recording technician for Sam Phillips’ sunlight Records, wherein he’d shortly writer and also record “Rock Boppin’ Baby.” with the mid-1960s he created songs because that pop star Tommy Roe, country singer Charlie Louvin, and, later in the decade, charted himself with minor access time “Walker’s Woods” and a cover variation of The Monkees’ “Last Train come Clarksville.”

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Bigger hits came in the 1970s, beginning with Tanya Tucker’s hit recording of his “The guy That Turned my Mama On” and also Crystal Gayle’s “Restless,” both in 1974.

James Garner, Darleen Carr, Ed Bruce in ‘Bret Maverick’Everett Collection

Bruce tape-recorded his very own moderately effective version the “Mamas Don’t Let your Babies grow Up to be Cowboys” in 1976, cowritten through his mam Patsy Bruce. 2 years later, a cover variation by Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings came to be a major hit. Tucker had an additional hit in 1979 v the Bruce-penned “Texas (When ns Die).”

Though the charted with the 1980s with recordings of his very own songs including “Diane”, “The last Cowboy Song”, “You revolve Me on prefer a Radio” (not come be perplexed with Joni Mitchell’s previously “You revolve Me top top ) and also his #1 nation chart struggle “You’re the finest Break This Old Heart ever before Had,” Bruce soon pivoted to acting, start with a recurring role on Western collection The Chisholms and, most prominently, top top Bret Maverick,costarring alongside a post-Rockford Files James Garner together gruff previous lawman that was Maverick’s companion in the Red Ox Saloon. The short-lived NBC Western collection was a sequel come the 1957-62 series Maverick.

Other TV credits would incorporate Kingfish: A Story of Huey P. Long, Walker, Texas Ranger and, ~ above the huge screen, 1997’s Fire under Below certification Steven Seagal.

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