In order to wish because that immortality and also avenge his father, Garlic Jr. Collects the dragon balls, kidnapping Goku"s kid Gohan in the process. Goku, Kami, Piccolo, and Krillin unite to rescue Gohan and also save the civilization from gift sucked right into a dead zone.

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The angry Dr. Kochin supplies the dragon balls come resurrect his mentor, Dr. Wheelo, in an initiative to take over the world. Dr. Wheelo, his body having been destroyed by the avalanche that eliminated him fifty years before, desire the human body of the the strongest fighter in the human being as his brand-new vessel. Believing Roshi to it is in the world"s strongest warrior, Dr. Kochin abducts Bulma and forces Roshi to surrender self to save her. When Goku hears of their abduction, he goes to your rescue.


Goku and friends have to stop a band of space pirates from spend fruit native the Tree the Might before it"s devastating powers drainpipe Earth"s energy.


A supervisor Namekian named Slug concerns invade Earth. Yet the Z Warriors do their best to avoid Slug and also his gang.


After beating Frieza, goku returns to Earth and also goes on a camping expedition with Gohan and also Krillin. Everything is typical until Cooler - Frieza"s brothers - sends three henchmen after Goku. A lengthy fight ensues in between our heroes and also Cooler, in which the transforms into the fourth stage the his evolution and also has the edge in the fight... Until Goku transforms right into a super Saiyan.


Cooler has actually resurrected himself as a robot and also is enslaving the human being of brand-new Namek. Goku and the gang must help.

Dr. Gero"s Androids #13, #14, and also #15 space awakened through the laboratory computers and immediately head come the mall whereby Goku is shopping. After Goku, Trunks, and also Vegeta loss #14 and also #15, #13 absorbs your inner computers and becomes a super being greater than the original three individually were. Currently it is approximately Goku to stop him.

While the Saiyan Paragus persuades Vegeta to ascendancy a brand-new planet, King Kai advises Goku that the southern Galaxy"s devastation by one unknown super Saiyan.

Mr. Money is holding an additional World Martial arts Tournament and also Mr. Satan invites everyone in the human being to join in. Little does he recognize that Bojack, an ancient villain who has escaped his prison, is competing. Due to the fact that Goku is at this time dead, it is up to Gohan, Vegeta, and Trunks to loss Bojack and also his henchman.

A Saiyan an are pod crash-lands on planet out of i beg your pardon a injured Saiyan crawls: Broly, the legend Super Saiyan. The hurt Broly shouts out in frustration and turns into normal form. The location soon freezes, trapping him in it and he falls into a coma.

Jaga Bada, Mr. Satan"s old sparring partner, has invited Satan to his personal island to hold a grudge match. Trunks and also Goten decide to come because that the adventure and Android #18 is complying with Satan because that the money he owes her. Small do they recognize that Jaga Bada"s scientist have uncovered a way to resurrect Broly, the legend Super Saiyan.

Not paying attention to his job, a young demon allows the evil cleansing device to overflow and also explode, turning the young demon right into the well known monster Janemba. Goku and Vegeta make solo attempts to loss the monster, yet realize their only option is fusion.

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The Z Warriors discover an unopenable music box and also are told to open up it v the Dragon Balls. The materials turn the end to be a warrior called Tapion who had sealed himself inside along with a monster dubbed Hildegarn. Goku have to now perfect a new an approach to defeat the angry monster.