2.) Johnson"s caddie, Damon Green,danced once the golfer struggle a long putt on the 18th hole at St. Andrews to end his open Championship.

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3.) ZJ to visit Drake college wherein he was the #2 player on your golf team.

4.) ~ above September 4, 2007, Johnson led the singing of "Take Me out To The Ballgame" throughout the 7th inning stretch during at Cubs game at Wrigley field.

5.) Johnson stays in St. Simons, Georgia with his wife and their three children.

6.) The Zach Johnson Foundation is Johnson"s non-profit the raises money for children and also their households in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

7.) At the 2014 U.S. Open, Johnson had a hole in one top top the nine hole.

8.) Johnson is only among two players to have shot a ring of 60 top top the PGA tour.

9.) Johnson has actually been a professional golfer because 1998 and also has wonover 2 dozen titles.

10.) ZJ has made end $37 million in compensation money.

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