In Colorado, unsupervised probation is a set of problems that an offender have to adhere come after a criminal conviction. However, over there is no probation officer is assigned come the case. Rather than report to a probation officer, the human being reports straight to the court.

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The problems of unsupervised probation generally include:

Community service,Not committing an additional crime,Drug or alcohol classes and treatment.

Unsupervised probation is often reserved for especially minor offenses. The is often less expensive than supervised probation due to the fact that there room fewer fees come pay. It is also less inconvenient.

In this article, our Colorado criminal defense lawyers will address:


3. What are the benefits of unsupervised probation?

In unsupervised probation, you execute not have actually to attend to a probation officer. Instead, you can report directly to the court. The benefits of this setup include:

Not having to salary supervision fees, i m sorry can expense $50 every month,No longer having actually to meet with her probation officer every month, andFewer sobriety checks or drug tests.

When probation is unsupervised, it significantly reduces the costs and also hassle.3

4. What execute I still have to do under unsupervised probation?

Just due to the fact that probation is unsupervised does not typical it is over, though. Girlfriend still should comply with all of the regards to your probation. Importantly, this includes:

Not committing a crime,Not using illegal drugs or marijuana, andNot leaving Colorado without prior approval.

You also have to upgrade the court as to your status. Under managed probation, this is the project of the probation officer. Once probation is unsupervised, you need to do it. If you complete a need of your probation, friend will have actually to bring proof of perfect to the court.

The specific terms of her probation are often distinctive to her case. Before being put on unsupervised probation, it is necessary to plainly understand what girlfriend still need to do. You need to ask her lawyer, probation officer, or court official.4

5. What are the penalties because that violating unsupervised probation?

If you violate any the the regards to unsupervised probation, the court can:

Revoke her probation,Change the regards to your probation to make them more stringent,Turn unsupervised probation into supervised probation, orSend you to jail.

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The penalties because that violating probation are specifically serious if your probation was component of a deferred sentence. In this cases, the original sentence can be imposed. This can include fines and also jail time.

If you space accused that violating her probation, the court will schedule a probation hearing. In ~ this hearing, the judge will decide if you broke the regards to your probation. Prosecutors only need to prove their case by a preponderance that the evidence.5