Species/Subspecies: Staphylococcus epidermidisCategories:Etymology:Significance:Taxonomy:Type Strain:Macromorphology (smell):
Micromorphology:Gram +/Gram -:
Metabolism:Catalase/Oxidase:Other Enzymes:Biochemical Tests:Fermentation of carbohydrates:
Causes hemolysis; in the normal flora
Genus name: bunch the grape-like cocci (coccus method a grain or berry).Species epithet: that epidermis (=the outer layer of skin).

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ATCC 14990 = CCUG 18000 A = CCUG 39508 = NCTC 11047.
Medium sized, white, opaque and flat colonies (1-2 mm in diameter). Many strains produce hemolysis on blood agar.
Non-motile cocci (0.8-1 µm in diameter), i beg your pardon often show up in bag or in tetrads. May also appear as single cells or in little clusters.
Facultatively anaerobic
Coagulase-, esculinase -, ornithine decarboxylase -, tryptophanase -, urease +.
Citrate -, hydrogen sulfide (H2S) +, methyl red -, Voges-Proskauer +.
Other carbohydrates: inositol -, xylose +, galactose -, dulcitol -.Spec.Char.:Can kind a capsule or biofilm consists of teichoic acid and also other materials (on e.g. Implants).Optimal expansion temperature: 30-37°C.Disease:Belongs come the common flora of the skin, however may occasionally cause opportunistic infections. Cattle: mastitis och wound infections.Other animals: wound infections.Hosts:Different animal varieties including cattle, dog, horse and humans.

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Clinical Picture:Genome Sequence:Acc-noStrainSize (bp)GenomeNC_004461
ATCC 122282 499 2791l + 6l
Två stammar har sekvenserats och de hade 1 eller 6 plasmider.16S rRNA Seq.:Acc-noStrainNumber the NTOperonSequence similarityD83363
ATCC 14990T1 475599.87 - 99%


New taxonomy for mycoplasmas

The taxonomy that mycoplasmas has actually recently been revised to better reflect their phylogeny, i.e. Their organic relations. The new taxonomy is based upon complete genome sequencing that 140 different mycoplasma species, and also it will be presented on rememberingsomer.com within a couple of weeks. 

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