Whether she a newcomer, a loyal fan who’s been here since the beginning, or someone that barely recognises the name Percy Jackson; we all should talk around author choices, particularly those do by stack Riordan. It is in warned, there will certainly be spoiler ahead for The burn Maze!

In his recent novel, stack Riordan has done something that hasn’t to be seen since his very first Percy Jackson series. In The burn Maze, the third book in The Trials that Apollo, Jason grace is eliminated by Emperor Caligula if in battle. His critical words come Apollo room “GO! Remember!” before losing his life. Apollo climate goes on, in mourning and shock, and by the end of the book, Riordan closes through Apollo remembering the words of Jason; promising himself to mental his death, his sacrifice, his life. We had actually previously met Jason elegant in The Heroes that Olympus series, wherein he is introduced as a character v amnesia who was learning about himself and his past alongside readers, then as the series progressed he ended up being a beloved character.

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The controversy amongst the fandom occurs by make the efforts to understand Rick Riordan’s motives because that killing together a lovely character. This is possibly the first time due to the fact that the fatality of Luke Castellan (The critical Olympian) that a protagonist has been killed in this saga, with no wishes of return.

Many reader were quick to point out that maybe killing Jason to be Riordan’s method of bringing back readers that were close come the original characters and had strayed away; death a beloved character off would motivate older reader to come back to the beloved saga. Over there is likewise a the majority of talk around editors, and also Rick himself, thinking the series was beginning to plateau out and also using Jason’s death for shock value.


In my opinion, this is what renders these books so real—in a mythological setting, that course. The capacity to face that death is a genuine eventuality the life, even when it is a tragedy. Us were warned through Percy in the very an initial page that The Lightning Thief, end thirteen books ago, being a demigod is hard. Periodically this does typical death, and it was crucial for our new protagonist, Apollo, to realise that. Before he to be turned into a mortal, that was as careless as Olympians come: sending demigods ~ above quests, gaining favours indigenous them, no really confronting their mortality. This time the was required to face the truth that their children are placed through.

A demigod who owed him nothing risked his life because that him and lost it. Jason Grace passed away defending someone whom he thought could make a difference, whom would remember what that was like to it is in mortal and also have to live in a human being full the hardships and sacrifices, someone who would remember. One immortal which he held in high esteem and also trusted that he would continue critical legacy. That’s the many important component of this brand-new controversy. Although plenty of place this fatality as a shock value death, and that’s simply not the truth. If you really look closely, fans will certainly realise the this death is anything yet unimportant. Jason Grace’s fatality is a turning point in the Trials the Apollo series. The transforming point wherein an immortal, that’s eons old and perhaps has lost his real sense that humanity, look at around and also realises exactly how much is really at stake. How much this demigods yes, really sacrifice, and how ready they are to expropriate their very own death; if it way a higher good.

If us were to look ago to the finish of the vault series, The Heroes that Olympus, we might even begin to recognize the other Olympians in a much better light. The genuine reason Zeus is punishing Apollo, to do him realise his actions were careless and punish him into realising simply what the gods dominion over. The god being cautious about their interactions relocating forward, trying to save a link to your children; but unsure just how to execute so without placing them in ~ risk. This is all a lot for these children to take since not countless demigods are recognized to make it right into adulthood. As fans, we can only save guessing what is going to happen next in rick Riordan’s world.

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All in all, rick Riordan has constantly been praised as an original and extraordinary writer for touching upon subject that numerous children’s authors veer far from. This time that so just happens that we shed a beloved personality to death and there is no coming earlier from it. If anything, it takes us ago to a time of Bianca di Angelo and also heartbreak. It’s much more than same to critique one author and also their choices, yet don’t i think they’re killing off a character just to acquire you to stick around, or shock value. Every little thing reasoning Riordan might have, don’t weaken him or his characters. We’re just halfway v the series, and also much much more remains to be solved.