What are Mirror force Traps in Yu-Gi-Oh?

Infamous trap "Mirror Force" has actually long to be a Yu-Gi-Oh staple, at time occupying the half list because that its fierce powers, and also has since ignited a collection of comparable traps. These cards can only it is in activated as soon as an opponent's monster declares an attack, but offer punishing effects that often get rid of multiple opponent units in ~ once and also thwart your opponent's assault.

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Mirror force members have actually aged surprisingly well, as most hamper foes in assault position—the only mode link monsters deserve to exist in. However with almost a dozen spin-offs, which units regime supreme? These room the 10 ideal Mirror pressure cards in Yu-Gi-Oh!


10. Dark mirror Force

Dark Mirror force reverses the basic Mirror pressure trend, as once your opponent's monster declares one attack, it banishes all foes in defense position. While it's advantageous that you gain to exile the creatures (preventing graveyard recoveries) rather of just destroying them, monsters usually exist in and also strike from attack position, meaning you don't usually hit as many targets or stop your opponent's invasion.Still, against themes that can attack from defense setting (like the Superheavy Samurai archetype), or when merged with forced changes to defense position, Dark Mirror pressure offers a handy removal.


9. Froggy Forcefield

Technically, this is just a "Force" relative, however as there's currently no main Mirror pressure archetype, the difference hardly matters. You have the right to only activate Forcefield once your opponent attacks a face-up Frog monster you regulate (other than "Frog the Jam"); the then duplicates the original Mirror force by ruining all opposing strike position monsters.While the default Mirror pressure is generally an ext helpful, if you're playing under an old half list or merely want much more than three copies in her deck, this derivatives have the right to assist particular themes. Similar alternatives incorporate "Infernity Force," "Wall that Thorns," and also the anime-only "Wave Force."


8. Radiant mirror Force

Radiant Mirror force is comparable to ours prior entry, as it replicates the original Mirror Force however can only be caused under details circumstances. However, you don't have to wield a specific kind of monster, making Radiant obtainable to any structure.When her opponent strikes while they manage at least three assault position monsters, you deserve to activate Radiant to ruin all face-up assault position monsters they control. Remember the Mirror force cards don't target your victims, do them useful tools versus monsters with targeting immunities.


7. Quaking winter Force

Quaking Mirror force doesn't remove opposing units, but when caused as an foe strikes, the shifts all foes to face-down defense mode, and those monster can't readjust their positions. If this have the right to be valuable in stall decks, that doesn't occupational on link monsters and the shifted foes can still be provided as tribute or link material, rather limiting the potential the this still-decent trap.


6. Winter Force

Hard to beat the classics. Mirror pressure was among the many dangerous initial cards, and also it still continues to be a potent threat. When activated together an foe strikes, it merely destroys every opposing attack position monsters, v no penalties or limitations on what monster you require to create it.Mirror pressure was even much better with its initial text, which likewise negated the attack, useful against cards the strike from defense position (and therefore avoid its retribution). That bonus is now sadly gone, however it's still a standard counterattack that enjoys continuous support—more on the soon.

5. Storming winter Force

Instead of ruining all opposing attack positions monsters when one strikes, Storming return them to the hand. If this allows your opponent resummon them, the circumvents destruction immunities, which are becoming an ext and more common.Storming works specifically well against extra deck monsters, together they'll go back to the extra deck, denying your foe the card advantage they receive as soon as the effect bounces main deck monsters.

4. Mirror pressure Dragon

Here's a blend monster transporting the Mirror force name who manages to carry out it justice. You have to blend summon this dragon by making use of Mirror force for the unique effect of fusion spell "The Fang of Critias", and he enters with an outstanding 2800 ATK.Better yet, at any time a monster you control (including Mirror pressure Dragon) is struck or target by your opponent, girlfriend can ruin all cards castle control, not simply monsters. Many adversaries aren't dumb enough to attack or target with Dragon out, yet if required to strike v cards like "Yang Zing Unleashed," they'll have no selection but to create your mass removal. Together icing ~ above the cake, there's no "once per turn" limit, letting you use the trait multiple times in a solitary round in the rare cases you can.

3. Blazing winter Force

Blazing Mirror force begins similar to its inspiration, destroying all opposing strike position monsters once one swings. Then, the inflicts damages equal to fifty percent the complete original ATK of every monsters it damaged to both players.Blazing works especially well in burn decks that aim to win v swift effect damage, as they don't mental the recoil as long as castle can easily eradicate her foe's life points. Simply be careful because you take it the damages first, meaning you'll lose (not tie) if the blast would defeat both players.

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2. Mirror pressure Launcher

Here's a card that supports the original Mirror pressure rather than hampering your adversary's monsters. Together a consistent trap, Launcher continues to be on your field after activation and also lets you as soon as per revolve discard a monster during your main phase to include Mirror force from either her deck or graveyard to her hand, a useful way to prepare your graveyard while looking out a trap.Additionally, if Launcher is destroyed and sent to your graveyard by an opponent's card result while set, you can collection it indigenous the graveyard, collection a Mirror force from your hand, deck, or graveyard, and you can activate them that turn. This makes Launcher one of the best bait cards in the game; trick your foe into wasting a removed on it, not only spending a card but additionally giving girlfriend a cost-free search. Just remember Launcher just works with the initial Mirror Force, not any kind of alternatives.

1. Drowning winter Force

Drowning's fence is that you can only activate that on straight attacks, so friend can't beat it as soon as your opponent intends for one of your monsters. However, that shuffles every opposing strike position monsters into your rival's deck, offering the destruction-bypass the Storming Mirror force without replenishing her opponent's hand.You might want to host off on setup Drowning till you're i was sure you'll be directly struck in your next battle phase, but few cards have the right to turn the tables like this one. An effective and effective against just around any monster, I use Drowning in several decks because that a potent offense/defense blend. Fortunately, it's how amazing cheap, costing much less than a solitary dollar!

Other mirror Cards in Yu-Gi-Oh

Mirror force has also inspired numerous traps the don't bring its name, consisting of "Mirror Wall, "Black Sonic," and also "Blast held by a Tribute," and also it's maybe Yu-Gi-Oh's most notorious trap. Remember, Mirror pressure cards are fragile to removals due to the fact that they have actually specification activation windows, yet they offer an effective effects the synergize with any archetype and also can really make a comeback.Watch the end for trap-negating effects like "Jinzo" and also "Royal Decree" and these counterattacks will have actually you well on your way to victory. But for now, together we eagerly await Konami's next growth of Mirror pressure members, poll for her favorite card and I'll check out you at our next Yu-Gi-Oh countdown!