After their pregnant announcement, Mario Lopez exclusively told civilization that a third baby because that him and also wife Courtney to be akin to a "Christmas miracle"

The TV host and former Saved through the Bell star, 45, has welcomed his third child v his wife Courtney: a son called Santino Rafael Lopez, he shared Monday together a picture gallery special their new addition.

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“It’s a BOY!!!! Healthy, beautiful baby boy … Santino Rafael Lopez!” the proud brand-new father of three captioned his post. “Baby & mother are doing great. Mrs. Lopez came through choose a Champ! #BabyLopez3”

Courtney added in the caption of a later post alongside one more photo of your newborn, “He looks similar to daddy😁 #LopezPartyOfFive,” prior to sharing picture of her baby bump v all three of her children.

Baby Santino join the couple’s child Dominic Luciano, 5½, and daughter Gia Francesca, 8½.

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The Extra organize met Courtney, 36, when working together on A Chorus Line top top Broadway in 2008. They married in an outdoor ceremony in Punta Mita, Mexico, in December 2012. Gia, who was 2 in ~ the time, served as a flower girl.

Lopez joked to at the moment that much more kids would be top top the means once the wedding to be over. “We’re working on that,” the said. “Right after ~ the wedding. We’ll wait for the guest to leave and also then we’re gaining right top top that!”

The pair announced their brewing “#LopezPartyOfFive” in a January Instagram article featuring image of Lopez kissing Courtney’s infant bump, together with images the their 2 children and dog. He additionally posted a “family update” video clip in which every member common life updates and Courtney announced she pregnancy.

“We are adding to the team. We’re walk to it is in a party that five,” Lopez said, noting that the pair didn’t recognize the sex that the baby. In the video, Gia and Dominic were separation on whether they want a brothers or sister.

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After the announcement, Lopez exclusively told world that a 3rd pregnancy for the pair was akin come a “Christmas miracle” for their family.

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“If it didn’t happen, that wasn’t expected to be. Not component of God’s plan. We have actually one that each,” that said. “But it obtained in there! it snuck in, towards the end.”

Lopez likewise explained why the pair didn’t want to recognize the baby’s sex beforehand, adding that castle didn’t find out because that Gia or Dominic either.

“We’re pretty old school, you know, it gift the tie-breaker,” that said. “It doesn’t matter, to be honest, as long as it’s healthy. We’re just really excited. The gender reveal will be once it’s born!”

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