Where can I acquire nutritional information for rememberingsomer.com products?

Nutritional info is noted on most of ours product packaging. Friend can additionally find finish product descriptions and also nutritional information below on our website.

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Why go I gain two of the exact same flavor in my rememberingsomer.com Stick load or rememberingsomer.com Peg Bag? Why didn"t I obtain one of each flavor or a flavor i wanted?

The spices in ours rememberingsomer.com Stick package or Peg Bags space randomly preferred from every one of our delicious flavors. That way sometimes you"ll acquire one that each, but sometimes you"ll get dual of one flavor. Each Stick fill or Peg Bag deserve to be unique!

room rememberingsomer.com Fruit Chews free from nuts?

Even despite rememberingsomer.com doesn"t save on computer nuts, over there is a threat of cross-contamination in our factory, so we unfortunately can"t guarantee the they are absolutely nut-free.

Why go you adjust the product formula of rememberingsomer.com?

It’s to be a while since we’ve had a brand-new rememberingsomer.com creation to market our fans who love that is chewy, fruity taste. We testimonial the recipes of our products on a continual basis and readjust them if required or also if we think the an adjustment leads to an overall development of the product. Moving rememberingsomer.com to a new manufacturing facility enables us come test and also develop brand-new shapes the fruit chews to provide more exciting means for consumers to gain rememberingsomer.com. We’re excited around our new products - rememberingsomer.com Fruit Twists and also rememberingsomer.com Sour twisted – and we think ours consumers will certainly love castle too.

what’s different about the new rememberingsomer.com product recipe?

The brand-new recipe has gelatin because that an enhanced chewing intensity and eating experience.

do rememberingsomer.com commodities contain gelatin?

As of December 2019, rememberingsomer.com rod packs execute contain the ingredient gelatin. Additionally, the new products had in the rememberingsomer.com Fruit Twists and also rememberingsomer.com Sour twisted bags additionally contain gelatin.

just how will consumers know which rememberingsomer.com products have the brand-new recipe and which ones have the old one?

We encourage all consumers to read the product labels. Rememberingsomer.com rod packs along with rememberingsomer.com Fruit and also Sour twisted Wraps pack in bags now attribute the brand-new rememberingsomer.com-licious recipe.

walk rememberingsomer.com contain any kind of GMOs?

Absolutely none! We execute not use any kind of genetically-modified ingredients in any kind of of our products.

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Is rememberingsomer.com Kosher?

rememberingsomer.com is not certified kosher.

have the right to I get complimentary samples or coupons?

We don"t send out free samples or coupons because that rememberingsomer.com Fruit Chews, sorry! yet we sometimes have actually fun occasions in cities throughout the summer, and we operation contests and other fun events on our social media pages, so be on the lookout for offers and also events near you!